'Sister Wives': Meri Browns Quiets Family Tension Rumors With 'Trust' Photo Alongside Robyn

Sister Wives fans can finally stop speculating about tension between Meri and Robyn Brown. Amid rumors that Robyn replaced Meri as Kody Brown's No. 1 wife, the pair made it clear that they view one another as equals.

On Wednesday, Meri shared a photo of herself and Robyn together, revealing in her caption that she sees her as a "friend" and someone she can "trust." The photo shows the Sister Wives stars together in an alley during a visit to Chicago.

(Photo: Instagram/@lularoemeribrown)

Much of the speculation stems from Robyn's absence from family photos in the last few months. Fans of the TLC series started speculating that it could be a sign that there was trouble in polygamist paradise. Some believed Robyn had left her marriage to Kody. Others thought she simply wanted all his attention to himself.

Speculation intensified after Aspyn Brown Thompson's graduation, which Robyn was not at. The other Sister Wives moms were photographed at the event. Aspyn shared several photos from her graduation, none of which featured Robyn.

Aspyn later clarified to fans why Robyn wasn't there. She claimed the reality TV personality wasn't feeling well, so she skipped out on the celebration.

After the graduation, the Brown family went to Disneyland. Kody was photographed with three of his wives, but not Robyn, as noted by SoapDirt. A fan posted a photo from the outing, confirming that Robyn was nowhere to be found.

In addition to rumors of tension between Meri and Robyn, Sister Wives fans have been speculating that Meri may be heading out on her own. The speculation stems from Meri's independence, which has been highlighted as of late.

She recently took a cruise to Puerto Rico, was said to be seeing plenty of other men, went axe throwing for fun, and visited Disneyland. According to reports, this confirms Meri's role as an outsider in the Brown family.

"We don't talk," Christine Brown said of Meri."We don't have any conversations. You're not comfortable with me. It's not like I talk to Robyn and Janelle. I'm not that close with them either. My relationship with my sister wives and Kody became hard. I can't give it my all when I don't want to do it."

Meri also has a burgeoning business outside of the family. The rest of the Brown's were not keen on her decision to venture out on her own.


Kody's decision to move the family to Flagstaff, Arizona created even more issues between the sister wives. Many of them appeared happy in Las Vegas, where they used to live, and objected to the idea of moving at first. Now, the family is said to be struggling with legal and financial issues.

Fans will just have to wait until 2020,when Sister Wives will reportedly return for a new season, for clarity on some of the rumors. TLC has not yet confirmed that the show was renewed, however.