'Sister Wives': Meri Brown Snaps at Troll Questioning Latest Leggy Photo

When it comes to the Sister Wives clan, Meri Brown seems to be under more scrutiny from fans than [...]

When it comes to the Sister Wives clan, Meri Brown seems to be under more scrutiny from fans than any of the others. When they're not questioning her true friendship with her fellow spiritual wives or assuming there is drama within Kody Brown's households, they're prodding Brown with questions about how she lives her life.

Most recently fans couldn't help but ask if the former legal wife of Kody Brown would have some explaining to do after showing too much leg in her Instagram photo according to InTouch Weekly.

The photo Brown shared shows the reality star sitting on a nice red couch while wearing a typical top you'd see in any of her other photos and a pair of shorts.

(Photo: Meri Brown/ Instagram)

"Happiness is not about getting all you want, it is about enjoying all you have," Brown captioned the photo and added a few blue hearts to the mix. It should be a nice photo to show off, with a positive message, but then a troll had to come along and ruin it.

"I didn't think you were 'allowed' to show so much leg," the comment read. "Does this mean [you] finally got away?"

While it does tie into the ongoing rumors of tension within the Sister Wives family, Brown wasn't having any of it and quickly tossed some cold water onto the inquiry.

(Photo: Meri Brown/Instagram)

"I'm 'allowed' to do whatever I want," Brown wrote, including two thumbs up.

The comment seems to misinterpret exactly what Brown's faith and family life calls for when it comes to everyday dress. It also prompted a few fans to come to her defense.

"She's NOT Amish," one person added with a trio of crying laughter faces.

"[Meri Brown] I really don't understand why [people] always wish you to run away, get away, however they put it," another fan wrote. "They don't have to understand your journey, it's not for them to understand but they could at least be supportive of you doing what makes you happy. Keep being you, Meri!"

It wasn't all drama over Brown showing so much skin. Most of the comments were appreciative and complimented Brown on her photograph.

"What a pretty picture!" one fan wrote. "And do you know what? It looks like you're sitting inside I Dream of Jeannie's bottle on her couch!"

A few others made the Jeannie comparison too, leading to Meri responding.

"Haha lots of people are saying that, I didn't even think it till you all [mentioned] it!" she wrote in a reply. "Should have had my hair in a ponytail LOL!"

The Sister Wives crew has been reportedly filming for a possible upcoming season, but TLC has not officially confirmed the return yet. The Brown clan is also facing a lot of rumors surrounding their debt and move to Arizona, leading many to wonder what the filming situation could be like in a new season.

We'll just have to wait to see.