'Sister Wives' Fans Spark New Season Theories After Spotting Activity on Kody Brown's Property

The Sister Wives fandom is buzzing after fans claimed they saw moving trucks at Kody Brown's property. Witnesses say they saw multiple U-Hauls at the Flagstaff, Arizona lot, sparking theories that the Brown family is getting ready for a move. Others wonder if perhaps only part of the clan is moving in.

The Brown family owns a large plot of land in Flagstaff where they intend to build a home -- or perhaps multiple homes -- to house their growing numbers. Witnesses told Soap Dirt that U-Haul trucks are turning up all over the land recently, and that they are staying. So far, the Browns have not announced any official plans for their proposed compound, but fans have ideas of their own.

For starters, some fans wonder if the trucks might contain all the accumulated belongings of Robyn Brown. Recent reports indicate that Robyn and Kody Brown recently sold off her rental home, so fans speculate that she may simply be keeping her things on the Flagstaff land in storage.

However, fans wonder if this could impact construction plans on the land. The Brown family had high hopes of building a home that could house all of them, and fans are not sure whether the trucks are a sign that building is finally underway or a sign that it is stalled.

Fans have their eyes on this, eager to see whether the Browns decide on several separate homes, or one giant residence for all of them. Kody Brown and his four wives have a complicated living arrangement, made even stranger with the inclusion of 18 children. Some expect to see one giant foundation for a massive house, while others figure it will be a few smaller residences, allowing for privacy.

This was the major cliffhanger at the end of the last season of Sister Wives. In the episode, Kody Brown presented blueprints to his wives, showing one massive home with four separate, apartment-like sections within it. This idea got mixed reactions from his wives, but it held to Brown's desire to keep the family one cohesive unit no matter what.

However, the proposed house did seem to prioritize privacy, especially for Kody's supposed visits to each wife's bedroom every fourth night.

Some doubt that the trucks have to do with the building effort, which will take a long time to get off the ground. As of Sept. 5, 2019, there are no building permits on file for the property and a construction of this magnitude would require a whole lot of red tape.


Finally, one last leading theory is that the trucks hold the equipment for the TLC camera crew filming Sister Wives. Insiders on the production told to Soap Dirt that another season is getting underway, and members of the Brown family confirmed this as well. It could be that Brown's property is the best central location for supplies as the show gets underway.

So far, there is no word on when we can expect the next season of Sister Wives.