‘Shipping Wars’ Fans Still Mourning Death of Roy Garber

New episodes of Shipping Wars may not be airing on TV anymore, but fans are still remembering cast member Roy Garber, who died in January 2014.

Known as "The Handyman," Garber died on Jan. 17, 2014, just two days after filming wrapped on the fifth season. His longtime girlfriend told TMZ he suffered a heart attack, was rushed to a Texas hospital and died shortly afterward. In the wake of the news, a Shipping Wars rep told TMZ the production team was "deeply saddened by the loss of a member of the A&E family."

Production staff weren't the only people upset by Garber's death; fans are still mourning The Handyman's passing, as proven with almost 1,500 condolences on a brief obituary for the reality personality on Legacy.com. In fact, some of the entries are as recent as Sunday, Feb. 25.

(Photo: A&E)

"Sending my condolences to his family," one fan wrote. "He was perfect as he would say, when performing his job. Love the series that showed him in NYC where he loaded a truck and it was giving him a challenge. He stated to the one guy that he would be in real trouble if he messed up his hair! Loved his frankness and sincerity."

"So sorry to hear of the passing of Roy. I only started watching Shipping Wars recently and then find out that he past. He seems to be a true individual," one new fan wrote. "I think that it is a true testament to his spirit that 4 years after his passing , people can still appreciate his life and the work that did on the show. Rest In Peace Roy. You are surely missed."

"Best trucker on Shipping Wars," wrote one fan. "Always told people how it was and how it was going to be. Will miss you not being on the show. Rest in peace, brother."

In Garber's online bio, A&E described him as "a serious jack-of-all-trades and a major know-it-all." He raised his son, Travis, by operating a construction and remodeling company and when Travis was grown, Garber made shipping his "full-time job and passion."


"From TIG welding to catching alligators, he seems to have experience with everything and hasn't found a load or situation he couldn't tackle (and isn't afraid to tell you so)," the network added. "An avid fisherman and master scuba diver, he sometimes heads to the deep waters of the Gulf Coast in pursuit of the largest shark he can find."

On the show, Jennifer Brennan found her own way to pay tribute to Garber: She transported a pair of larger-than-life animatronics he had shipped the season prior. "I know Roy's looking down on my right now... and not scowling," she said.