Savannah Chrisley Hypes up 'Chrisley Knows Best' Season 8 With New Preview

Savannah Chrisley is celebrating the Season 8 return of Chrisley Knows Best, hyping up her followers with a quick preview of the antics to come on an all-new season featuring USA's "first family." A release date has yet to be set for the big premiere, but Chrisley promised it would be coming soon. "WE ARE BACK!! SEASON 8 OF CHRISLEY KNOWS BEST," the former pageant queen captioned the teaser trailer, which features dad Todd Chrisley throwing his signature shade and declaring, "The Chrisleys are not basic b—es!" while messing with his mom, Nanny Faye Chrisley. "You are evil," Todd's wife Julie tells him, only to be corrected, "An evil genius..."

News of the show's imminent return filled Chrisley's followers with joy. "Can't wait! We could use some laughter these days!" one wrote, as another commented, "I love the show it just brings such a good energy. I can't wait for it!" Although he didn't appear in the trailer, fans have been wondering whether Todd's oldest son, Kyle Chrisley, would appear on this season of the show alongside 7-year-old daughter Chloe after reconciling with his father publicly.

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In August, Kyle took to Facebook to defend his father amid Todd's public feuding with daughter Lindsie. "My mom and dad raised me. I haven't been the best dad to Chloe, I've had a problem with drugs, I've acted completely ridiculous and through all that they have stood by my side," Kyle wrote. "9 months ago I went to my dad with an apology. His words were 'I love you always, and you are forgiven' and just like that I was welcomed back into his life with open arms. I will be forever grateful for his love [and] graciousness."

"I can't take it back so I'm telling you now, with a clear mind, my mom and dad have done nothing wrong! Today, I am sober," Kyle continued. "I am working, and I am at a good place in my life. I just want to fix what I've done wrong so that I am able to forgive myself. I will continue to stand as a united front alongside my mom, my dad, and the rest of my family. My hope is that my sister Lindsie will seek the same forgiveness from my daddy as I have, that he is able to forgive her, and that my family will one day be whole again."


Chrisley Knows Best Season 8 premieres in 2020 on USA. Photo credit: Terry Wyatt/Getty Images for Rampage