'RHONY': Sonja Morgan Says Her Friendship With 'Loser' Ramona Singer Is 'Done' for Good

Sonja Morgan and Ramona Singer has been some of the closest friends during their time together on The Real Housewives of New York City, but it looks like that friendship could be coming to an end.

On Wednesday's episode of the Bravo reality series, Morgan could not longer handle Singer, telling the camera that their friendship was over for good.

"I'm done," said Morgan. "I've benched her before, and it didn't work. I always take her back. This is the kiss of death. Hasta la vista!"

That "kiss of death" she mentioned was a text she sent Singer, calling her out for being a what she thought was a bad friend.

Morgan was upset than Singer didn't stand up for her during her recent fight with Dorinda Medley. The two ended up in a shouting match in last week's episode when Morgan equated the pain she felt from her divorce finalized 12 years ago to the pain Medley felt from the death of her husband Richard, who died in 2011 from liver failure.

"Enough Sonja. Stop, stop, stop. Say you're sorry!" Singer begged Morgan, telling her at a dinner party later that night, "When someone gets upset, you just say you're sorry — whether you're right or your upset, just say you're sorry."

But Singer's attempt to play peacemaker only angered Morgan more. "You say sorry and you're the fake apologizer. Nobody believes your sorrys!" Morgan shouted back.

One major sticking point for Morgan was that Singer hadn't refuted Medley's claim that Morgan had cheated on her husband while they were married.

"Ramona's my closest friend. She knows the whole story. She sees I'm obviously in pain. Could she just say, 'Dorinda, you're hearing rumors, just say you're sorry.' I don't feel like I have to explain the love I have for my ex and the pain of my loss," Morgan told the audience. "With Ramona, she always wants to put a bandaid on the situation. Apologize, just apologize. Make it go away. It's like she puts up a wall that says, 'I'm not getting involved in this. I'm not going there. It's too dirty, it's too much.' It kills me."

The next morning, Singer woke up to a shocking text from Morgan, which she read aloud to Medley.

"'You're a b—, Ramona,' " Singer read from the text. "'You never stand up for me. You cannot compare each other's pain. Period. You could have cleared it up because you know the truth. You know I never cheated on my husband. I loved him and then could not stay with him. It was extremely difficult on me and you did nothing to diffuse it at brunch as usual."

"'You have no limits? Friendship means nothing to you? You need help? I waste my time bonding with you?' " Singer read, asking Medley, "Really?"

The text ended with Morgan calling Singer a "P.O.S.," which means "piece of s—."

Singer was shaken by the message.

"Sonja is not 2 years old. I don't need to defend her," she said. "I did try to help her. I gave her what I thought my best advice is. She called me an 'unfeeling P.O.S.' You know what? I'm not going to say I'm done, but I feel like I can't relate to her anymore. I can't make sense of what she says. I feel like she doesn't listen. I don't like when people hid behind texts or emails."

"This is something I never had to deal with," Singer continued. "How do you deal with a woman who doesn't make sense? I mean, I don't even know who Sonja is anymore. She surely isn't my friend. She's not acting like she wants me as a friend, that's for sure."

But did Morgan regret her words? Not at all.

"Last night's text was like, 'I've always protected your family. This is about my family and you're not there. So I'm done,' " Morgan said. "[Ramona] doesn't want to fight with me over this because she knows she's a loser. She knows she f— up. So she'll … suck up and manipulate and do whatever she thinks is going to look good in front of the group."


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Photo credit: Bravo