'RHONY' Star Ramona Singer Suffers Minor Injuries in Car Accident

Real Housewives of New York City star Ramona Singer had a tough start to her Memorial Day weekend this year after getting injured in a nasty fender bender.

According to TMZ, the Bravo star had left her home in Southampton, New York Saturday and was traveling along Montauk Highway in her Maserati when she rear-ended a Mazda.

The publication reported the incident ended up becoming a four-car pileup caused by a sudden stop on the part of the first car. The Mazda was apparently the third car and Singer's Maserati was in the back.

Singer was reportedly not seriously injured, but was transported by ambulance to a nearby hospital with bruises and minor aches and pains. She was treated and released shortly after. Sources close to the reality star said she was shaken up, but is doing okay and recovering nicely.

Her car, on the other hand, was reportedly totaled due to significant front end damage. But no worries for Singer, she was insured.

During this ongoing season of RHONY, Singer has been feuding with her longtime friend Sonja Morgan after the divorcee blamed her friend for not defending her against an angry Dorinda Medley.

“Ramona’s my closest friend. She knows the whole story. She sees I’m obviously in pain. Could she just say, ‘Dorinda, you’re hearing rumors, just say you’re sorry.’ I don’t feel like I have to explain the love I have for my ex and the pain of my loss,” Morgan told the cameras in the April 25 episode of the Bravo show. “With Ramona, she always wants to put a band-aid on the situation. Apologize, just apologize. Make it go away. It’s like she puts up a wall that says, ‘I’m not getting involved in this. I’m not going there. It’s too dirty, it’s too much.’ It kills me.”

Singer also received a shocking text from her friend.

“‘You’re a b—, Ramona,’ ” Morgan said in the message. “‘You never stand up for me. You cannot compare each other’s pain. Period. You could have cleared it up because you know the truth. You know I never cheated on my husband. I loved him and then could not stay with him. It was extremely difficult on me and you did nothing to diffuse it at brunch as usual.”

The text ended with Morgan calling Singer a “P.O.S.," which means “piece of s—.”

Singer was shaken by the message.

“Sonja is not 2 years old. I don’t need to defend her,” she said. “I did try to help her. I gave her what I thought my best advice is. She called me an ‘unfeeling P.O.S.’ You know what? I’m not going to say I’m done, but I feel like I can’t relate to her anymore. I can’t make sense of what she says. I feel like she doesn’t listen. I don’t like when people hid behind texts or emails.”

“This is something I never had to deal with,” Singer continued. “How do you deal with a woman who doesn’t make sense? I mean, I don’t even know who Sonja is anymore. She surely isn’t my friend. She’s not acting like she wants me as a friend, that’s for sure.”


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Photo credit: Instagram/Ramona Singer