Teresa Giudice Accuses Kim DePaola of Running a Brothel on 'RHONJ' Reunion

Teresa Giudice and Kim DePaola's feud took a bizarre turn during the second half of the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion Wednesday when the 45-year-old Housewife accused her former friend of running a brothel.

The two have been fighting all season after DePaola spread rumors Giudice was cheating on her husband while he serves time in prison. After nearly coming to blows at a charity fashion show, DePaola admitted she made up the lies because she "[felt] like it," before the two went their separate ways for the season.

But all the drama came to head once again when host Andy Cohen invited DePaola back for the reunion and Giudice shouted that the series guest runs a "prostitution company."

"If people were looking at your 1099s and W2s, I'm sure you'd be clink-clink too, b—," Giudice told DePaola — using DePaola's slang for jail time. "How do you pay for your Mercedes? How do you afford your house? How do you pay for your rent at Posche?"

DePaola immediately pointed to her businesses, telling Giudice, "I sell clothes."

"That word gets thrown around a lot on your show," DePaola retorted, referencing Giudice's infamous "prostitution whore" comment from season one.

"You have prostitutes that you hire," Giudice said, doubling down on her accusation, being interrupted by DePaola groaning, "Give me a break!"

Breaking into the verbal sparring, Cohen attempted to clear up the left turn of the conversation.

"What, are you alleging that she's a madam?" he asked, confused, to which Giudice agreed.

"She even told me she was at one time," Giudice said, before being interrupted by DePaola, who had a surprisingly sex-positive response to the accusation.

"I'm not a madam, but would I be?" she replied. "I would have no problem being a madam."

"I hate to say it, but I could kinda see you as a madam," Cohen joked.

"I'd crack that whip, honey," DePaola said.

Giudice appeared to not appreciate the levity with which her accusation was being taken, saying, "You're proud of that? Wow."

After trading a number of further blows, with DePaola calling Giudice a thief and Giudice calling DePaola "all f—ing dried up," Cohen attempted to put the conversation to an end.

"Alright, well good luck being a madam if that's what you choose," he said awkwardly.

"She's so f—ing disgusting," Giudice said, sneaking in the last word.


Fans were kind of confused as to whether or not DePaola actually runs a brothel after the end of the segment.

Photo credit: Bravo