Teresa Giudice Throws Down After Allegations She's Cheating on Her Husband in 'RHONJ'

A catwalk almost turned into a cat fight in Wednesday's episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Teresa Giudice and Kim DePaola almost come to blows during a charity fashion show after Dolores Catania tells the OG Housewife that the boutique owner is spreading rumors she is cheating on husband Joe Giudice while he is in prison for mail, wire and bankruptcy fraud.

While getting ready for the runway, DePaola reiterates the rumor she first told Catania and Siggy Flicker in last week's episode, claiming one of the hairdressers working the event had seen Giudice around town with another man.

"This is what I don't like," Flicker tells DePaola. "When you're messing with someone's marriage, there are children involved."

Flicker adds, "I do not believe Teresa's cheating on Joe."

Neither do Melissa Gorga, Daniella Staub and Margaret Josephs, who accompany Giudice to confront DePaola prior to the fashion show.

"News came back to me from Dolores," Giudice tells DePaola. "Listen, nobody's going to talk about my husband or me."

"Too bad," DePaola responds.

Her response cause Giudice to go off: "Kim you're so f—ed up. You talked about my husband two f—ing years ago. Did you see him f—ing another girl?"

"No I did not," DePaola says, adding she spreads lies "because I feel like it."

DePaola says she spread the rumor because she has seen Teresa going to clubs, which the Housewife admits.

"There's no chain on my foot, I can do whatever the hell I want," she responds. "I go out with Siggy, I go out with Dolores and who gives a f— what I do? It's my f–ing business. I want to f—ing straighten you out right away."

But after Giudice calls DePaola "white trash," the Posche owner brings up Giudice's recent prison sentence.

"You're white trash!" she yells. "You were the one who was in f—ing jail, not me. If you throw something at me, you're leaving in handcuffs and going back where you were."

Giudice tells DePaola to "come at me," calling her a "coke whore" and "homewrecker."

"I would love to f—ing grab you by the back of your head," Giudice says, knocking over a chair in anger.

"You f—ing touch me and you're done," DePaola says, walking away.

When Catania and Flicker decide to walk in the fashion show even after the fight, Gorga gets in their face, but they explain they're only staying because it's for charity.

But Guidice lets them know all is not forgiven before leaving with the rest of the group.

"That's what you guys are fu—ing hanging out with, f— you," Giudice yells at Flicker and Catania. "But girls, they're like little puppets. All Kim D.'s puppets."

Later, Giudice says she's questioning Catania and Flicker's friendship.

"You said something and I just met you," Giudice said to the Bravo newcomer. "With Siggy and Dolores, I'm sorry, I'm like, really torn right now. They're just going to have to come to me."

Eventually, Giudice and Flicker reconcile, with the Celebrity Apprentice alum admitting things got "heated."

"Did you see like what I'm talking about with that lady?" she continues. "First of all, what she said was totally out of line. Don't you agree?"

Flicker agrees, but, Giudice presses her on why she decided to stay at DePaola's show.

"Here's why," Flicker explains. "I'm there for a charity event for three kids that lost their fathers. I didn't care about Kim D. I didn't want to disappoint the victims' families upstairs."

Giudice understands, and the two begin to talk about the ladies' plan to vacation in Italy. Catania will have to prove her friendship during that time, Gorga declares.

"I don't want to deal with anyone's shit when were there," she says. "I mean, I want to enjoy it. It's my first time in Italy. But Dolores better not disrespect me like that again. I'm serious, because then I'll be done with her. There's no reason for me to have a friend who does that. I'm telling you Teresa, she is on my s— list."


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Photo credit: Bravo