'RHONJ' Star Danielle Staub 'Not Interested' in Dating After Split From 21st Fiance

Danielle Staub isn't looking for fiancé number 22 after her split from Oliver Maier back in July, with the Real Housewives of New Jersey star telling PEOPLE in an interview published Monday that she's officially "over dating" after a long history of looking for love.

"I've had a lot of offers to date, and have been asked out a lot, but I'm not interested anymore. I'm over dating and over all that. The free time I have, I want to spend it at home with my two daughters, being happy," she said, referencing daughters Christine, 26, and Jillian, 21.

"Looking back, I've realized that I was so focused on making the other person happy in my relationships, I forgot myself," she continued. "Men have needed me, I haven't need them. They made or kept their money because they had me, a pretty woman, by their side and they didn't have to go looking for anything. Guess what happens after that? I ended up with nothing after those relationships. That makes me the one that was used. And I'm done with that."

Having been engaged 21 times and married three times, Staub had high hopes for Maier coming off her divorce from Marty Caffrey, which ended after less than four months back in February. The two got engaged just a week after her divorce was finalized, with Staub telling PEOPLE at the time, "I'm madly in love. I'm feeling elated and excited for the next stage of my life. I'm going to marry the man of my possible dreams and hopefully I'll spend the rest of my life in bliss."

Staub explains the two decided to postpone their wedding and eventually call things off when the Bravo star's 14-year-old dog, Paradise, died. She claims Maier ghosted her when she asked him for support as he was getting out of a stint in rehab at the time.

"I saw him through his problems. For over six months. Stood by his side. And then, in my time of need, he was nowhere to be found," Staub said. "I was focused on me for the first time in our entire relationship, but because I wasn't saving him, he didn't care."

"He disappeared and went back to Europe," she added. "July 3 was the last time I saw him, when he came to the house to say goodbye to Paradise. That was it."


Staub isn't feeling sad about the split, however, answering when asked if she missed her ex, "Not at all. Good riddance. Thank you, Jesus!"

Photo credit: Bruce Glikas/Getty Images