Kim Zolciak Biermann Claims She Got Death Threats After NeNe Leakes Called Her 'Racist'

#RoachGate continues. Kim Zolciak Biermann and NeNe Leakes ratcheted their feud up a few notches in Sunday's episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta with Leakes calling Kim and her daughter Brielle Biermann "racist" after they claimed she lives in a "roach nest."

Leakes' accusations first made headlines in October when she posted them on social media alongside a video Brielle had taken months earlier of bugs crawling in a bathroom in Leakes' house.

And in a recent episode of the Bravo show, Kim sent the video to all the women who attended the Barcelona group trip after hearing Leakes had claimed she was lying about her health issues — saying Leakes was "sick" and "should be worried about karma."

"Kim & her daughter oops whole family are racists! What her daughter did at my home… was racist, learned behavior etc," Leakes said in a comment on Instagram, adding, "Kim is a calculating [bipolar] racist with a horrible mouth, who uses black folks for her come up."

Sunday, Leakes revealed that she called Kim and Brielle "racists" because of their use of the word "roaches."

"That word 'roach' just ain't the word I needed to hear her saying," Leakes said. "It sounds very racial when you are speaking to an African-American person and talk about roaches. Because people feel like you associated that with the ghetto or trash. Black people do not receive that very well."

Leakes did admit the comments she made online "were purely out of anger," she said she felt she thought comments Kim had made in the past that were questionable made her feel justified.

"Do I believe Kim is a racist? Some of the things she has said would definitely make you go, 'Hmmm,' " Leakes said, as a collection of moments of Kim's past questionable statements on the show played.

She also stood by her attack of 21-year-old Brielle.

"I think Brielle is a beautiful girl. I've known this girl from growing up. Your kid cannot talk to an adult using foul language and expect me to say nothing back," Leakes said.

"They really tried to do something to hurt me or discredit my home or how beautiful my home is. They wanted to discredit that," Leakes added. "What she did was to mean and to be vicious and to be hateful. … It's heartbreaking. Why [Kim] couldn't just come in here and say she's happy for me? Why she couldn't just saying, 'I'm happy for you girl. I'm glad that you even accomplished a goal.'

But Kim claims that she was the actual victim of the situation.

The Don't Be Tardy personality claimed that after Leakes posted the video, she received death threats.

"We've had to hire security. I've had people come to the gate at my house," she told fellow Housewife Shereé Whitfield.

"She wants to pull the race card. That's the devil, bitch," Kim said. "She spent so many years trying to sabotage my name and I just let it roll. Now you're f—ing with my kids? 'The whole family is racist, prejudice?' My whole family? There's not a racist bone in my body. Not me, my husband, or my children see color. Never have."

While it caused a world of drama, Kim said she didn't regret sending the video in the first place.

"It was a funny joke between Brielle and I. I'm her mom. She can send me whatever the f— she wants," Kim told Kandi Burruss. "I don't have this kind of drama. NeNe has portrayed me saying dumb s—. It's nasty. I just am who I am."

Kim also claimed that when she sent Leakes a cease and desist, it cost her $20,000.

And what did Leakes do with the notice? "I burned it up with a lighter," she said Sunday.


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