'Real Housewives' Star Divorcing Husband After 12-Year Marriage

Real Housewives of Dallas star Kary Brittingham and her husband of 12 years are calling it quits. The announcement, which she shared in the latest RHOD reunion, shocked viewers. During the special, Cohen commented on Brittingham's sometimes rude demeanor, asking the housewife how she felt seeing her behavior from the latest season. "This was a really tough season for me and watching it back, I realized how much hurt and how much I was struggling in my life," she said before revealing her divorce. "As I watched that, I realized how much in pain I was. My marriage was falling apart, and I didn't want to admit it. After the show finished, me and Eduardo had a real heart-to-heart talk and we decided we needed to go our separate ways. We just told our kids right before coming to the reunion."

She became tearful as she explained that she "was trying to mask what I was going through." "Obviously, I'm very ashamed of my behavior. My kids saw that. I really regret that" she said.

In an interview with PEOPLE, Brittingham explains what went down in her relationship once the cameras were turned off, admitting that she's held onto the news for a while. "This was a really tough season for me because I know me and Eduardo have not been in the best place for probably a couple years," she said. "And I think that this year, especially with the pandemic and everything that happened, he was really busy with his work. I was trying to keep busy with my stuff. But at the end of the day, it was like something that it was really, really killing me inside more than I was expecting."

"The past year, it was more of a roommate situation than a marriage," Brittingham continued. The housewife is currently still living under the same roof as Eduardo and their children. "And I'm very Latin. I'm very passionate. I need love. I need to feel loved and hugs. And I was not getting that anymore. And I just started feeling really empty and I just was not happy. Honestly, at the end of the day, life is short and with this pandemic and the older I get, the shorter it gets, and I just feel like I just wanted to move on and I need to be happy and he needs to be happy."


"I think that I was just trying to have fun and just kind of like, push it down," she shared with the outlet. "At the end of the day, I was clearly hurting so much. I guess I wasn't talking to anyone about it. I'm like, a huge person that needs to talk things through and just, I need that. I think I was just suppressing it so much that that was just really a big thing and with the pandemic and the kids — and we were just in such close quarters. I guess it emphasized so much more of what our issues were and just how not happy we were."