'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Star Hit With Chilling Death Threats Amid Scandal

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Star Erika Jayne is getting death threats from one of her [...]

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Star Erika Jayne is getting death threats from one of her followers amid her and former husband Thomas Girardi's embezzlement scandal. The reality TV star shared a photo with her Instagram followers showing a threatening comment from one of her followers underneath her posts. "Gonna enjoy watching a 357 put in your head," the message to Jayne read. The man added: "rich people can get shot in the fu––ing face too."

The pop star isn't backing down from the threat and instead, called out the commenter on her story. "A 357 to my head? Don't threaten my life," she said to her 2.3 million followers. That wasn't the only action to go down in Jayne's comment section. Another follower brought up the embezzlement, putting forth the possibility that Erika Jayne may not have known about her husband's money laundering. Though, they went on to say that the real housewife's excessive spending habits and luxurious lifestyle with alleged stolen money is offensive to the people whose money was taken. "Let's say she didn't know (just for a moment) ... If I found out my extreme wealth had come from such a heinous crime, I would be extremely humble and do everything I can to help the victims. I would sell all the unnecessary luxury items I have, I would downsize my wardrobe and sell all jewelry bags and shoes but the vast majority I would sell and give that money to the victims."

The comments come as Erika and her ex-husband's finances are under investigation after it was revealed that Girardi owed millions of dollars to his clients. The famous lawyer was forced to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy due to the accusations. The clients believe the stolen money was actually used to fund Erika Jayne's lavish lifestyle as well as her pop music career, which reportedly equaled around $20 million throughout the course of their marriage. Jayne has refused to return any of her property or money over to the trustees overseeing the investigation, on the grounds that everything she accepted was all gifts from her ex. Jayne filed for divorce amid the couple's financial issues, but the separation has been put on hold while the couple goes through bankruptcy proceedings.