'Project Runway' Alum Chris March on Road to Recovery After Partial Paralysis

Chris March is on the road to recovery a few months after an accident left him partially paralyzed.

A year after a bad fall, the beloved Project Runway veteran opened up about the road toward recovering his health and mobility.

March talked to Entertainment Tonight, sharing he is doing better, and grateful to those close to him.

"I'm doing better and appreciate all the love from my fans, friends and family," the 53-year-old fashion designer said.

His statement comes a week after March shared details on his Facebook page about the accident that changed his life.

"I fell and hit my head in my apartment. It's that simple," he wrote on the post. "I passed out and laid there for 4 days. I woke up and called 911 and somehow got to the hospital. In the hospital all sorts of medical problems happened: My blood sugar was over 500. My organs started failing, my right lung collapsed, and they had to give me a tracheotomy and put me on a ventilator."

He then shared that doctors put him in a medically induced coma to combat the health concerns — which he remained in for two months.

"Somehow I miraculously woke up — I couldn't talk and didn't know where I was for a couple of months," he added. "I ended up being paralyzed in both legs from the knees down. My right hand and arm are paralyzed."

The Project Runway fan-favorite is currently at a medical facility in North Carolina where he is undergoing physical therapy. He shared that he has been able to go outside with the help of a wheelchair.

"This has been a long and extremely difficult journey, physically and emotionally. And I have a long way to go, just like Dorothy," he writes. "I could not have survived without my family and friends. I deeply appreciate everyone who has donated to the Go Fund Me page. I have good days and bad days and the worst days you can imagine, but I still have my brain, and for that miracle I am forever grateful."

March has the support of many in the entertainment industry, with What What Happens Live host Andy Cohen sharing the GoFundMe page back in March.


"Chris March, the lovable, wonderful, talented alum of Bravo's Project Runway and Mad Fashion is in bad shape and needs our help with his medical care," he tweeted alongside a link to the page. "Anything you can give to help is appreciated."

Hoping for a speedy recovery for the fashion designer.