President Donald Trump Shakes Hands With Kim Kardashian During Event for Former Prisoners

President Donald Trump had some words to say about Kim Kardashian West after her recent appearance at the White House.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians and Trump were photographed shaking hands after she announced a new ride-sharing partnership that will help provide former inmates with transportation to and from job interviews and jobs.

While giving his opening remarks on Thursday, Trump acknowledged Kardashian's role in advocating for the passage of the First Step Act, which was signed into law in December, PEOPLE first writes.

The bipartisan legislation on divisive issues, including sentencing reforms and an expansion of programs focused on helping prisoners not re-offend, including job training.

"Jared [Kushner] and Ivanka [Trump] were incredible, they really pushed it. And I think they were pushed a little bit by Kim Kardashian. So thank you, Kim. And Kanye [West], thank you," he said, acknowledging both the KKW Beauty mogul, who was sitting in the audience between Ivanka and Jared, as well as her rapper husband, who has been an outspoken supporter of the president.

Trump introduced Kardashian teasing the star would be making an "exciting announcement."

"I'd like to invite up a very special guest, and a powerful advocate for not only justice reform, but just a good person and I hear she's starting to study law, she's also one of the most successful people in the entertainment business, soon she'll be one of the most successful lawyers," he said. "But I knew her father and I'll tell you, she's got good genes — good genes for everything. She's been a real friend and her husband has been a real friend of mine. Kim Kardashian West."

During her appearance, Kardashian revisited her experiences learning about criminal justice reform, and how starting to study to become a lawyer inspired her to get involved and use her platform to create change.

"These people want to work they want the best outcome," she said, before announcing a new "ride-share partnership where formally incarcerated people will be gifted gift cards so they can get rides to and from job interviews jobs, family members and that is so important so needed."


She thanked the President for : "It really does mean a lot to so many people that I've had the pleasure to speak to and I think the ultimate goal is everybody wants the community to be safe and the more opportunity we have and they have and the support that we help give them, the safer everyone will be. I'm just thankful to everyone here and so proud of the partnership with the ride organization so thank you."

Kardashian previously revealed she began a four-year apprenticeship with a law firm, and hopes to take the bar in 2022, making prison reform her main focus.