Pregnant '90 Day Fiance' Star Paola Mayfield Responds to 'Pit Bull' Criticism

90 Day Fiancé star Paola Mayfield had to defend her life choices once again after fans jumped on the pregnant TLC star for owning a dog they thought was a pit bull.

Mayfield shared a photo with her and husband Russ Mayfield's dog Pheobe on Instagram Sunday, captioning the shot, "I hope you guys had a great #thanksgiving [kiss face emoji]. so much to be thankful for everyday (sic)."

The mom-to-be was sporting a seriously chic look featuring white Converse and a black tube dress, but her followers were drawn more to the dog by her side, criticizing the star for owning a dog they identified as a pit bull while expecting her and Russ' son.

Paola Mayfield 90 day fiance pit bull
(Photo: Instagram/Paola Mayfield)

"Paola. Please listen. I've owned pit bulls, fostered them, and volunteered with them. They are not safe, especially for children," one person commented. "And they were NEVER 'nanny dogs.' ... If you cared about your child, you wouldn't have a pit in your home. So many mothers said the same thing as you, 'all it takes is love and you can erase genetics.' And they are shocked when their pit snapped an killed their child. They had cute pictures with their children and their pit. The problem with pits is that you don't know which one will and won't snap looking at one. And there is never a warning prior to an attack. They could be waging their and kissing you one minute and then BAM!"

Other defended Mayfield for owning the dog, with one person writing, "I wonder why people think they’re entitled to an opinion on your hair color or breed of your fur baby. I hope you enjoy your pregnancy ... you're going to love motherhood and I am thrilled for you and Russ!

Another added, "Your dog is precious, and my pitty is the biggest marshmallow on the planet!"

"I love that you love animals!" another follower weighed in. "Thank you for giving a loving home to your gorgeous furbaby!!!"

In the end, however, it appears the debate was completely unnecessary, as Mayfield revealed in the comments of her post that the dog isn't a pit bull after all, responding, "My dog isn’t a pit bull she is a hound mix and she is the sweetest dog."


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Photo Credit: Instagram/Paola Mayfield