Perez Hilton Casts Doubt on Reason for 'Teen Mom 2' Alum Jenelle Evans' Split From David Eason

Teen Mom 2 alum Jenelle Evans' split from David Eason is the biggest story in reality TV right now, so Perez Hilton surely had to weigh in. The revered celebrity blogger made Evans' pending divorce the centerpiece of one of his recent news round-up videos and described the situation as a "disaster." He went on to question why exactly Evans may be leaving the marriage. While Hilton's video was released before Evans detailed abuse allegations against Eason, he did bring up many reasonable questions about the situation, including speculation that Evans is severing ties with Eason to regain financial stability.

"Jenelle Evans, whom a lot of you feel very strongly about, some of you may have heard that the former Teen Mom (2) star, who was fired this year, announced that she and her husband David, the dude who got into a lot of trouble because of what he did to their dog, they split," Hilton said. "But some people, like myself, don't quite believe Jenelle and her 'split,' thinking there may be some ulterior motives."

Hilton referenced various reports that the former MTV personality is in need of cash and a return to Teen Mom 2 could help alleviate those alleged financial burdens.

"And lo and behold according to reports there indeed are ulterior motives apparently," Hilton said. "Jenelle is having financial difficulties. She's been on Teen Mom for years upon years. Even if they weren't getting paid that much she, at the very bare minimum, was making $100,000 a year, at least. Although I doubt she was making that little. Well, the Jersey Shore cast makes it $100,000 or more per episode, and I think The Hills crew's getting like $45,000, so I would say that she was probably making $45,000 or more per episode, and how many episodes of Teen Mom are there in a season? A lot.

"She also lives in North Carolina where the cost of living is not that much. Where did all her money go?"

While Hilton came off pretty scathing, he did note that Evans was right to leave Eason, who the online personality branded as "toxic" and "abusive."

"Things happen. It sucks for her. At the end of the day whatever the reason for splitting with this toxic abusive man, they're good, even if they're for ulterior motives, Hilton said. "I just hope she doesn't end up getting back together with him. Hopefully it's not a ploy to get rehired by MTV, which is what she wants according to — I believe it was — TMZ. She's hoping that MTV will rehire her. Do you think that MTV should rehire her now that she's not with that guy? I don't know because according to MTV they fired her before all that drama with the dog."

He concluded the Evans section of the video by simply saying, "What a mess."


There is no official word on if MTV will rehire Evans for Teen Mom 2 as of press time. Neither Evans or Eason have publicly commented on Hilton's take on the split, either.

Photo Credit: Alo Ceballos/GC Images/Getty Images