People Are Loving TLC's New Show 'Unexpected' After Dramatic Premiere

It looks like TLC has another reality hit on its hands after the Unexpected premiere received rave reviews on social media.

The show features three pregnant teens whose close family members were also teen mothers. Lexus, 15, McKayla, 16, and Lilly, 16, are all dealing with unexpected pregnancies, the stigma of being a teen mother and the practical problems that come with raising a child before you're ready.

"Being 15 and pregnant, people look at you like not good at all," Lexus says, adding that people have told her that she's going to end up having several kids with several fathers, not finishing school and without the father of her baby, 17-year-old "bad boy" Shayden.

Mom Kelsey, 31, was also pregnant with Lexus at 15, but said she never wanted the same life for her daughter that she had.

"I can relate to her and everything she's feeling ... but I never wanted that for Lexus ever," she says.

"I don't think it's a bad thing," Lexus responds.

McKayla, whose mother had her as a teen, was raised by her grandparents, who admit they're "bad parents" but "really good grandparents" in terms of disciplining their child. Her boyfriend Caelan was also born to a teen mom, and the two were each other's first relationship.

McKayla says she didn't want to be "forced" to be on birth control, and her grandfather Tim didn't press the issue after she told him she wasn't "doing anything bad."

"I think it's gonna make it really hard for her," Tim says. "Do I think she really has a clue what she's gotten into? No."

Lilly was dating her boyfriend James, 17, for a month before she got pregnant. Her mother had her the day before she turned 16.

"No one ever told me it was so easy to get pregnant," she says.

Lilly's mom's fiancé says he is shocked she didn't learn more about sex education in school.

"In today's world, in school, they teach you heavily about sex education and drugs," he says. "I thought kids would be paying attention."

After one episode, fans think the show is going to be hit.


Unexpected airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

Photo credit: TLC