'OutDaughtered' Dad Adam Busby Fires Back at Fans After Being Slammed for Photo of Daughters Riding Bikes Without Helmets

OutDaughtered dad Adam Busby is reassuring his followers of the safety of his kids after new photos of the family's outdoor excursion were criticized for a lack of helmets. Sharing photos of 9-year-old daughter Blayke and several of the 5-year-old quintuplets riding tricycles and scooters on Instagram Tuesday, commenters were quick to point out a lack of head protection on any of the kiddos.

Busby was quick to clap back at the concern, however, commenting as per InTouch Weekly, "If I thought my kids were in any sort of life-threatening danger, they would be wearing them." Despite his reassurance, some of his fans urged him to think twice before eschewing helmets, even on bikes and scooters so close to the ground.

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"Totally get it. I was raised in a family of 5 kids no helmet laws," one follower responded. "But what I can tell you as a parent in healthcare how many children are dead or have permanent brain damage due to minor accidents that could have been completely avoided if they just been wearing a helmet. I always put the message out there. Always your choice as a parent. Good habit to teach young. Just like seatbelts."

Another point of contention was a lack of masks and gloves being worn by the family amid the coronavirus pandemic. "I love you all but where are your masks and gloves???" one commenter wrote, to which Busby responded, "What? To ride bikes outside? You can't be serious."

When another commenter said masks were being made mandatory for all outdoor excursions where they live, Busby, responded, "Not here. And that is about the dumbest thing I've heard. No one is going to get sick from riding a bike outside while distanced from others. That's a serious government overstep and i would be shock if it is actually being enforced anywhere. ...Houston has a mask ordinance, but it also stipulates that you do not have to wear it during outside physical activity like running or riding your bike."


The TLC dad had plenty of people defending him on the mask front. "Don't you grow weary of all the 'parenting advice'???" one person commented. "I'm pretty sure you guys are well equipped to make decisions for your children." Another person added of the family's evening bike rides, "I think it's wonderful. Your neighbors probably enjoy your evening excursions! Entertainment!"