'OutDaughtered' Star Adam Busby Blasted by Social Media After He Goes to 'Buy More Ammo'

OutDaughtered star Adam Busby found himself at the center of a gun control debate Sunday after he revealed he had taken a trip to the store with his 4-year-old quintuplets to "buy more ammo." The TLC personality waded unwittingly into the fray when he posted a video of his daughters in matching outfits, all of them fascinated by the fish display.

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"Took the girls out of the house this morning while [wife Danielle Busby] was gone doing [CADi Fitness] stuff," he wrote in the caption. "Had breakfast at a new spot and then ended up at [Cabela's] to look at the fish and buy more ammo."

The latter part of the caption definitely earned the attention of a few of his followers, with one asking, "Ammo? Wait do you guys hunt? Just need to clarify bc if yes you lost a fan."

"Same here," another chimed in. "Who announces that they're buying ammo? I think I'm done here now."

Others were shocked that people would write Busby off with such a fleeting reference to guns.

"Wow, you guys would unfollow and stop liking someone because they hunt? He never said the ammunition was for hunting either," one person responded. "You must live in a very small world if you’re able to weed people out for something so trivial."

"It's probably for their personal protection in case a crazy shows up at their house one day since they're on TV and all," another follower theorized, as a third joked, "Yep getting stocked up for when all the girls turn 16, and you have boys popping up at the house."

Busby hasn't responded to the drama in his comment section understandably, revealing Thursday that the flu has taken out almost his whole family over the last week.


"Probably isn't going to do much, but pounding [Emergen-C] like a first semester frat boy," he wrote on Instagram Thursday. "Danielle has been down all week and just found out she has the FLU... most of the girls have started running fever. Taking them to see the doctor and getting swabbed today. God help us... #notanad."

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