'OutDaughtered' Star Danielle Busby Responds to Critics Mom Shaming Her for Spending Time With Twins

While some reality stars are criticized on Instagram for not spending enough time with their children or treating them older than they are, OutDaughtered mom Danielle Busby has to deal with fans criticizing her for spending too much time with identical twins Ava and Olivia over the rest of her six children. Busby and her husband, Adam, are parents to 4-year-old quintuplets and 8-year-old Blayke Louise.

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Ava and Olivia make up two-fifths of the quintuplets, but they are identical. The other girls - Parker, Hazel and Riley - are fraternal triplets. The quintuplets are the only all-girl quintuplets born in the U.S. on record.

In the past, photos of just Ava and Olivia have inspired Busby's follows to accuse the 35-year-old mom of spending too much time with them. The criticism has been so common that Busby spoke out about it in a new interview with InTouch Weekly.

"I feel like people choose to 'see' what they want and they base their response off of what they are dealing with in their own life," Busby told InTouch. "I 100 percent know my heart and my love for all my kids are equal. I may not get around to posting 'enough' of something … but since when is love based off of how much we post on social media?"

Despite the negative chatter, Busby is staying above it all.

"Though words can be harmful and [hurt] some, I can honestly say no amount of negativity will puncture my heart," she told the outlet. "I have the armor of God around me and I choose to see [the] joy in things. Maybe it is a gift too, to not letting words get to you … but I am confident in my faith and know who I am in Christ and that is what means the most to me. I love all my kids equally."

Adam has also been targeted by critics. Earlier this month, he had to respond to critics who thought Riley was starting kindergarten too early.

"So many people that don't actually know my child think that they know better than us, the parents... there have been 6 parents in world history that know what it's like to raise all girl quints with all of the complexities that we deal with on the daily. We are making the best decisions that we can; knowing what we know," Adam wrote to one fan on Instagram. "There isn't a manual for this."

"I have to look at it this way... If it was just us two and Blayke and the Director of the school came to us and told us that Blayke is extremely gifted and is ready to move up," Adam continued. "Would we hold her back? NOPE! So why should we hold Riley back just because she is in the same house as her 4 same aged sisters? When it comes to their education, this is one of those major instances where you have to make decisions for their best interest as individuals."

The Busbys have starred on TLC's OutDaughtered since May 2016 and recently wrapped their fifth season. The couple struggled with infertility before welcoming their children, who have sometimes faced health struggles, as seen on the show. Busby also writes a blog called It's A Buzz World, where she shares inspirational essays with fans.

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