Nikki Bella Reveals Throwback Lingerie Photo, and Fans Are Loving It

While Nikki Bella is loving being pregnant with her and fiancé Artem Chigvintsev's first child, she isn't shying away from reminding her fans what she used to look like prior to her pregnancy. In a throwback photo, the former professional wrestler showed off her abs in lingerie look as her long brunette hair covered half her face and rocked candy red lipstick.

She captioned the photo with, "Throwback to my abs, long hair and [mybirdiebee] lingerie (those are actually coming back soon.... abs and hair... well hopefully down the road lol)," but she didn't fail to remind her fans that while she is shining light on her pre-pregnancy body, she is loving her new bump. "Ps: I LOVE my baby bump, especially what's inside."

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Several of her friends and fans flooded her comment section to show some love. One of her fans even suggested that when she gets her abs back, she'll miss her baby bump. "And when you have abs again you will be missing the preggo belly. Believe me xo."

Someone else echoed that saying, "The growing baby in your belly is way cooler than abs!"

Another fan encouraged her to enjoy the process of motherhood while congratulating her and her sister, saying, "You will get there again when you want to. You enjoy that motherhood. Congratulations again to both u and your sister."

Earlier this month she took to Instagram to show off her growing bump but didn't fail to mention how much water weight she's been retaining and that the adjustment hasn't been easy.

"It's crazy because a day after workouts, abs really pop out in the morning," she wrote on her photo. "But one thing I am dealing with is retaining a lot of water throughout the day. I will not look like this tonight. I can't believe how much I will retain in a day. Obviously, [my] boobs have gotten huge."

She also said in a video posted to her stories, "It's, like, right here at the bottom. I love it. I found out my placenta is, like, right at the top, right at the front — not on the back. But, um, yeah, it's so crazy to watch it grow and the scale, which I'm getting used to. But, I'm embracing it. I love it because my baby is in there."

She said she found out she was pregnant not long after her sister Brie Bella told her she was expecting. She wasn't sure if it was a twin vibe type situation, or if there was really something bigger at hand going on. Something else she has addressed is that she and her sister did not plan their pregnancies to be at the same time, it happened by coincidence.