'My Feet Are Killing Me': Dr. Brad Shocked By Patient's Urine Home Remedy in Exclusive Preview

Dr. Brad Schaeffer is in for a shock when his new patient reveals the creative home remedy he'd been using to treat his extreme calluses. In PopCulture.com's exclusive sneak peek of Wednesday's all-new My Feet Are Killing Me, Dr. Brad meets with new patient Bill, who has spent decades battling rough skin in whatever way he could conceive. 

"About the age of 5 or 6, I started developing rough skin," Bill explains after introducing his wife and son to Dr. Brad, "and then every year it just progressed. I used bag balms, I even went as far as, you know... urine is supposed to be good for your skin, right?" Dr. Brad replies in surprise, "What'd you do, you pissed on your feet?" to which Bill answers, "I pee on my socks, put a sock on [my foot], and then I'd get a loaf of bread - the bag - and I would tape it up and sleep with my feet soaked in my own urine."

"Savage," Brad says in response before opening up to the cameras with his thoughts on the home remedy. "I've heard of some crazy treatment plans for people, but I've never heard of somebody peeing on socks to heal their issues," the podiatrist admits. Following up with a question for Bill's wife, the doctor asks, "And were you dating him at the time when he was doing that?" to which she replies firmly that she "absolutely" was not. 

Looking to give Bill a better answer for his condition, Dr. Brad dives in for a closer look, removing Bill's shoe to see what he notes is a "super dry" foot. Luckily, this is something the medical expert has seen before. "Extreme calluses with cracking in the skin -- those are called fissures, OK?" he explains. "What I want to do for you today is I want to really shave down these calluses for you, get all of these fissures and cracks removed, and after that, I'm gonna take out my Dremel and smooth everything down, OK?"


After getting rid of the dead skin, Bill will have plenty of creams and lotions to take home to stay on top of his condition. "It's gotta be, you're gonna help me out at home," Brad warns him, getting an enthusiastic agreement from his patient. See the conclusion of Bill's story on My Feet Are Killing Me, airing Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.