'My 600-lb Life' Star L.B. Bonner Reportedly Hung Up on 911 Before Suicide

My 600-lb Life star L.B. Bonner reportedly hung up on 911 before he was found dead by suicide in a Lexington, South Carolina ditch.

According to audio obtained by TMZ, Bonner, 30, attempted to call emergency services before taking his own life earlier this month, but when the 911 dispatcher explained that she was having difficulty hearing the address he was giving her, he hung up. When the dispatcher attempted to call Bonner back, the call went straight to his voicemail.

In a second call to 911, Bonner's mother is heard expressing concern for her son, stating that she was concerned he was "going to do something" to himself.

"My son is posting death threats like he's going to do something to himself," Bonner's mother can be heard saying, going on to explain that her son had recently appeared on the TLC series My 600-lb Life and returned home.

"He's been sending death threats. He's been sending things out today about, you know, he loves us, but he's sorry , and that he was gonna do something stupid," she continued. "I can't locate him. He's got my husband's truck, and he's been calling his sisters, and he called me and left a message saying he loved us and that he was sorry and that this is the way it had to be."

When the dispatcher asked if she believes this to be a suicide attempt, Bonner's mother responded with "It sounds like it."

Bonner, who was discovered dead from an apparent gunshot wound after police performed a welfare check on him, had posted a concerning message on Facebook in the hours before his death.


"I just want to say thank you to everyone who has shown me love and support throughout my journey...I've realized a few things over the last few days and its time that, I face my demons head on," he wrote. "No matter what you change or the efforts you put forth in life, sometimes you just have to take it on the chin and deal with things your own way...Again, thank y'all so much... Please don't ever let people you care about not know how you feel."

The 30-year-old, who had wrote on Facebook three days prior to his death that he was "feeling blessed," appeared on a recent season of popular TLC series My 600-lb Life, where he underwent a drastic weight loss that saw him shed more than 300 pounds. After dropping from 642 pounds to 316 pounds, Bonner continued losing weight after the show was filmed and he returned home.