'Married at First Sight': Krysten and Justin Open up About Their Decision to Marry Strangers (Exclusive)

Married at First Sight stars Krysten and Justin decided to put their pasts behind them and place their full faith in the matchmaking process to find true love with husband Mitch and wife Alexis. Ahead of Wednesday's all-new episode of the Lifetime series, the newlyweds opened up to PopCulture.com about their journey.

Justin's decision to sign up for MAFS came as he had "faith in the process," explaining, "I trusted that having professional experts guide us it was impossible for a marriage not to work unless the marriage was one-sided." Before meeting Alexis at the altar, the groom-to-be was hoping to be paired with a woman who understood him "as a whole," and "not just her favorite parts about me," someone who was "all in" on their marriage. "[My biggest worry was] being accepted as myself," he continued. "I don't care about trends, clicks or likes. I'm nerdy most times, but due to looking a certain way, some have expectations based on looks only." 

(Photo: Lifetime)

For Krysten, getting married to Mitch was her second time seriously considering that lifelong commitment, as she had previously been engaged to her ex before learning of his infidelity. "After my engagement fell through, I was devastated," she shared. "But, I knew I was always going to find someone new to spend my life with because I know my value and know I can accomplish anything I set my mind to!"

While Krysten was worried that potential partners would see her failed engagement as a "red flag" or judge her for it, she "learned that the right men wouldn't disqualify me because of my past." That didn't mean she wasn't concerned about telling her family about her unconventional marriage plans when joining Married at First Sight. Before telling her father about the wedding, Krysten was she wanted to make sure it was actually going to happen first, which led to a dramatic day-of reveal.

"I originally wanted to wait until I found out I had actually been matched, but I only had two weeks!" she said. "I had tried to call my dad a few times about the news but ultimately thought explaining everything in person would be best, so he could see me and ask me all the questions in person." Knowing her dad as well as she does, Krysten said she wouldn't have surprised him if she knew he wouldn't be "thrilled" for her. 


As for her relationship with Mitch, Krysten said that he "taught me a lot about myself and what's important to me in a partner," teasing of their Decision Day choice, "He'll always be my first husband and you'll have to keep watching to see if he's also my last!" Married at First Sight (produced by Kinetic Content) airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Lifetime.