'Married at First Sight' Sneak Peek: Jonathan's Video Molly Doesn't Want You to See

New footage from Married at First Sight shows one couple on the brink of a breakup just a week before decision day.

Getting married at first sight is not easy, but one couple has been through the ringer. During last week's episode of the Lifetime series, Jonathan Francetic, 28, and his wife Molly Duff, 25, vacationed to the Universal Orlando Resort. Previews for tonight's episode, however, teased an epic fight, and video footage shared by E! News is giving fans a clue as to what goes wrong.

"Molly's mad at me because she was talking to a guy at the bar and I didn't like her talking to a guy at the bar," Francetic says in the video, which he recorded after cameras stopped rolling.

"Jon feels the need to record this because he's immature. He's actually not 29 years old. He's actually 22 years old," Duff says, going on to call her husband "disgusting" and mocking him.

"She's calling me disgusting and a monster and saying that her skin crawls when I touch her. And these are all things she's said to me before—after the cameras stopped rolling. I've kind of had enough of this and I recorded the conversation to show the experts," Francetic explains his reasoning for recording the video.

With only a week until decision day, the fight leaves the couple's relationship on the fence. Their time on the show has been riddled with stress and arguments.

During an episode that aired in late February, while all of the other couples on the Lifetime reality series grew closer and began forming stronger bonds, Francetic and Duff had a more difficult time, things seemingly coming to a breaking point when Duff refused to kiss her new husband.

As the other couples managed to spice up their sex lives, Francetic and Duff failed to find any intimacy at all, an issue that proved to be a major problem when Duff refused to passionately kiss her husband, claiming that the lack of "instant physical chemistry" is leading to the slow pace of their relationship.

"'I mean it's hard not to feel a little offended when Molly talks about instant chemistry, especially when she's already told me about the time she walked up to a random frat guy in a bar and asked him to have a threesome and she didn't even know him," Francetic explains in his testimonial.

The topic was one that Francetic chose to bring up later in the episode.

"At some point when you look at me and go, 'Yeah, you're attractive,' but I went and f– this Pike with my friend and I won't touch you and you sleep next to me, how do you think that makes me feel?" he asks.

The apparent shaming left Duff feeling anything but sympathetic.

"How f–ing dare you. Go f– yourself. The fact that you just went there, I am so f–ing done," Duff says.


Married at First Sight airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Lifetime.