'Married at First Sight' Couple Jess and Austin Have an Unusual Concern While House Hunting in Exclusive 'Couples' Cam' Clip

Married at First Sight couple Jessica Studer and Austin Hurd might not be exactly on the same page when it comes to their biggest concerns while house hunting, so they're calling in help from their fellow MAFS star Kristine Killingsworth. In a PopCulture.com exclusive clip of Thursday's all-new episode of Married at First Sight: Couples' Cam, the newlyweds call up their favorite real estate agent to ask some of their more off-the-wall questions.

Admitting they're "both a little clueless" about anything related to real estate, Jess and Austin call up the Philadelphia-based agent to see what she thinks their next move needs to be. When the couple admits they haven't done anything to kick off the process, Kristine jumps into action advising them, listing off the things they'll need to do to get serious about buying a home, including getting pre-approved by a lender and having their credit checked.

"You've been buying some stuff recently. I don't know," Austin accuses his wife, who admits, "I've been doing some heavy Amazon shopping." While Kristine advises them to "calm down on the shopping" while they're still looking, Jess and Austin go a step further by turning their credit scores into a competition. It's then that Jess reveals her less conventional concern about homeownership: "How do I find a house that is not haunted by ghosts?"

Kristine is taken aback that the haunted factor is at the top of her co-star's list, but Jess justifies, "Well, you don't want to buy a haunted house, do you? What happens if we find a house and then it has ghosts in it?" Playing along, Kristine responds that if she doesn't ask "specifically" about the ghost factor, she probably won't hear about that from the real estate agent they choose. "You can't go around advertising that a property has ghosts and somebody died," she notes. "Not everybody cares about ghosts, but everybody believes in them."


To the camera, she jokes, "I have Jess and Austin's back all day when they wanna buy a house, but when it comes to ghosts, they might wanna talk to a medium." And when Jess suggests contacting the neighbors to find out if someone died in the houses they tour, Kristine quips, "Yeah, stay away from the neighbors."

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