'Married at First Sight': Brett and Olivia Fight Nerves in the Final Moments Before Their First Meeting in Exclusive Clip

There are some serious nerves going for Olivia and Brett as the Married at First Sight couple prepares to tie the knot with someone they have never met before. In a PopCulture sneak peek of Wednesday's all-new episode of the Lifetime show, the bride and groom spend their last moments single before pledging themselves to the stranger matched with them by the Married at First Sight experts.

"I'm getting married in less than 15 minutes, and thinking about seeing my potential true love at the altar is a weird concept," Brett tells the camera as he paces nervously before making his way down the aisle. Despite the nontraditional circumstances surrounding his wedding, the IT professional says he's been looking to settle down for a while now. "I've actually been ready for a long time. It just never really worked out," he admits. "So, it's a big deal, just a lot to think about happening really quickly, but I just wanna meet her."

Olivia is also feeling the pressure as she prepared to walk down the aisle with her stepfather and father. "My future is 20 feet away and I'm just ready to see his face," she admits to the camera. "My nerves are hitting me now. It's go time and it's like the moment we've all been waiting for." Excited to see her future husband, the bride admits she was "just nervous" waiting for something to go wrong. "I think every bride wants their wedding to be perfect," she explains. "I'm sure there's going to be a glitch somewhere, but let's hope that us as a couple is not the glitch. Because I'm ready to find love."

While fans will have to wait and see how Brett and Olivia mesh as a couple, the medical professional said in a column last week for Us Weekly that watching her husband's behavior ahead of their wedding was "tough" and made her feel like he was not "ready to settle down." She wrote, "It sounds like looks are everything to Brett, and the flirting … eek! Some of the things Brett says are so shocking to me. He sounds like a playboy."


Will Brett and Olivia find love at first sight when she walks down the aisle? Or will his 'playboy' past come back to bite them? Married at First Sight (produced by Kinetic Content) airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET. For the latest on your favorite Married at First Sight couples from PopCulture, click here.