'Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition' Star Aaron Carter Calls Mother Jane 'Terrible' in Season Premiere Confrontation

Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition is back, and Aaron Carter is bringing the drama this season! The season premiere brought the singer and three other celebrities, and some of their family members, together to work on their issues. Dr. Ish Major and Dr. Venus Nicolino have their work cut out for them this season, with drama blowing up from Night 1.

The episode kicked off with a massive blowout on night one between Carter and his mother Jane.

"You were a severe alcoholic, with partying, f-ing multiple dudes all the time," Aaron says while sitting on the couch with his mother. "You were a terrible mother at the end after the divorce."

"It was all my fault," he added in another highlight from the confrontation. "I'm a crackhead, I'm a meth-head, I'm no Justin Bieber." Jane loses her patience and walks off, saying she's done, and threatening to leave.

The show then flashes back 12 hours to the celebrities arriving at the Boot Camp. Aaron and Jane are the first pair introduced. The episode also brings former child star Corey Feldman and his family, Basketball Wives' Laura Govan and her family and Real Housewives of Orange County star Alexis Bellino and her family.

"We are here to fix the unresolved issues from my childhood," Aaron says during their intro before opening up about enduring "humiliation" and "trust issues" with his mother after his childhood.

Aaron later opened up about how after his brother Nick Carter left the house, he was left with his parents spending all the money he was earning in his career.

"It affected love. It affected trust. It affected the kids felt about marriage moving forward. I mean, I could go on forever baby," he said

As Corey opens up about his struggles as a child star, Jane says she disagrees with his outlook on it and relates it with her experience with Aaron. She claims she never pushed him to work at a young age, but that the talent made him work better.

During the show's first challenge, Aaron brings up feeling used as a child when he was the provider for the family, and how he blamed himself for his family "falling apart." He also admitted to blaming himself for his sister and his father's death as he broke down in tears.

"In his heart he feels like he could've done something more," Jane says in a confessional. When it's her turn to participate she gets money with his face on it and a parenting book. She then claims she never "stole" from her son and that she believes him. He, however, brings up when he was 24 and dealt with tax issues, but she washes her hands of the situation.

The exercise also brought up how her issues with alcohol led to him leaving their house, which she claims to not have known until that moment.

The exercise also brought up how her issues with alcohol led to him leaving their house, which she claims to not have known until that moment. The mother-son duo later pick the "Highway to Hell" room because they know their issues will take a lot of work to work through.

After seeing their room for the first time, old wounds come to a head after Jane tells Aaron he was "no Justin Bieber" when he brings up the fact he was constantly touring at a young age. The comment sends Aaron over the edge. He lists her issues to her the conversation catches up to the clip from the start of the episode.

"I see you still have a lot of anger here," she says.


Late that night they continue to argue, with Aaron calling his mother "selfish" and other insults. She says she wants him to admit he's resentful. The argument ends with a big cliffhanger when Jane grabs her suitcase and claims she is leaving the house.

Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition airs Fridays at 10 p.m. ET on WE tv.