Mama June's Daughter Anna Cardwell Spotted Buying Pregnancy Test

Is there a new member of Mama June's family coming soon? Fans are speculating after the reality star's oldest daughter, Anna Cardwell, was photographed purchasing a pregnancy test at Wal-Mart on Memorial Day. You can see the pictures, which clearly show Cardwell purchasing the test after reading the box, at The Blast.

Cardwell is already mom to two children Kaitlyn, 7, and Kylee, 4, who are from a previous relationship. The father figure in their life, however, is Cardwell's longtime boyfriend, Eldridge Toney, with whom the three ladies live in Georgia. Cardwell told The Sun that Toney treats her daughters like his own and that the two are planning on tying the knot and beginning a family of their own once her divorce is finalized.

"Eldridge and I are hoping to get married within the next year and we want a child together," she said. Cardwell's family is currently living in a three-bedroom, two-bathroom trailer overlooking a Georgia lake, which Cardwell said was a "dream home" in which to raise a bigger family. "Eldridge is great with the girls and we wanted to have a bigger home to raise our family in. We fell in love with the property being along the lakeside."

If Cardwell is expecting, the pregnancy would come just months after she and sister Jessica Shannon underwent an extensive plastic surgery makeover costing upwards of $120,000, they told The Sun. Cardwell herself underwent $47,450 in procedures, including 16 veneers that the 25-year-old said have helped her confidence in ways she never expected. "I can't stop smiling with my teeth being done," she said. "It's just an amazing feeling, like there's no words for it."

Despite being "a tad bit nervous" about the pain associated with surgery, Cardwell told the outlet her procedures, which also included a breast lift and D-cup implants, were totally based on giving her more confidence. "It'll give me like a healthier lifestyle," she explained at the time of the decision to do her breasts. "I have a fuller figure and I can't stop wearing like, kind of, like, little tight shirts, kind of show 'em off just a little bit. It's going to make my boyfriend very happy."


Jessica, meanwhile, underwent $80,895 worth of surgery, including an Orbera balloon placed in her stomach to promote weight loss, eight veneers, a tummy tuck and a 360 liposuction procedure. "I've always struggled with like my weight, so I've tried to find different ways to help me out but like nothing's ever helped," she told the outlet, explaining she hopes her weight loss will help her realize her dream of modeling. "The first week I just noticed my face was getting smaller, and now I feel like every day when I wake up my waist is smaller. Your confidence level goes up like extremely. There's no looking back. I love what we did and I wouldn't trade it for the world."