'Mama June' Shannon Responds to Boyfriend Geno Doak's Jail Prank During 'Road to Redemption' Episode

What Mama June Shannon first thought was going to be a romantic weekend away with boyfriend Geno Doak turned out to be a night in jail, and she was not happy about the switch-up. Doak pulled a switch on Shannon in Friday's episode of Mama June: Road to Redemption, explaining he wanted to impress upon her the reality of the legal situation she was in when it comes to the drug-related charges against her following her 2019 arrest.

Shannon, 41, was ready for a weekend away with Doak, even buying a little sexy something for the occasion, but what she didn't know was that Doak had arranged that she spend a night in jail through an agreement with an Alabama sheriff's department so that she could really see what she could be in for if convicted. Forced to wear an orange jumpsuit for her fake arrest, it certainly was an impactful prank, but one Shannon still doesn't see any humor in, based on the tweets she sent during Friday's show.

"I mean, Geno could had at least me we was going to Alabama not making me think we was going for a romantic weekend," she wrote. "Oh my God] ending up in the same county I got locked up in over two years ago by the same officers in the same vehicle. This is f–ed up. F– off, Geno." She continued that the "worst part" of her stay was the men in the jail yelling crude things at her "and they probably were doing unappropriate (sic) things and that's the most crazy [thing] to me."


Luckily for Shannon, she was able to avoid jail time when it came to her felony drug possession and misdemeanor unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia charges, taking a plea deal in exchange for a trial diversion program, court supervision and community service, as per The Trussville Tribune. Despite her legal problems, Shannon assured her followers late last month that her family had no plans. of leaving TV anytime soon. "Y'all are watching right now, our life has been kind of crazy and hectic. So, I see that y'all are watching and we'll be watching for the next couple episodes," she said in an Instagram video. "Y'all have loved us good, bad, and indifferent for almost 10 years now. It'll be 10 years Oct. 12, 2021, and without y'all, this would not be possible. So don't fret. We are not going anywhere right now and when that time comes, y'all will be the first to know long before we decide to bow out."