Mama June Is Reportedly 'Falling Apart' Amid Crack Cocaine Case

Is Mama June struggling with an undisclosed drug addiction? Fans have questions and are wondering as much after seeing a teaser for the upcoming episode of Mama June: From Not to Hot.

In Friday's teaser, Shannon complains that she's turning 40 and that her body is "falling apart." The clip jumped to a scene where Shannon is seen crying in her bedroom while daughter Lauryn "Pumpkin" Shannon tells her that her hands "are literally turning red."

A few disturbing scenes then show her walking down stairs with a swollen leg, or screaming when boyfriend Geno Doak tries to touch her arm. After a particularly shocking clip shows Shannon zoning out during filming — and not even responding to a producer clapping her hands in front of her face — the teaser heavily implies that Shannon is rushed to the hospital.

Amid the real-time news of Shannon's arrest for crack-cocaine possession in March, fans took to social media to discuss what they think happened to her based on the teaser. Some said she showed "clear" signs of intoxication or drug abuse.

"I don't know how none of them see that they both obviously were on drugs. I mean June's eye is messed up normally but she and Geno both show classic signs of drug abuse," one Twitter user wrote.

"June is as addicted to drugs as Geno. They both need treatment ASAP!" another wrote.

"Geno is clearly showing signs of drug use," someone else said.

"… Her constant jaw grinding, slurred speech. And eyes rolling around are classic. … It's common for folks to develop new addictions after weight loss surgery," another commented.

Just days before season 3 of From Not to Hot premiered this spring, Shannon and Doak were arrested at an Alabama gas station after Doak allegedly threatened to kill her and a concerned bystander called police. Doak admitted to having a needle in his possession when asked by police, which prompted authorities to search the vehicle, which Shannon claimed belonged to her, and found crack cocaine.

Shannon was arrested for felony possession of crack cocaine and misdemeanor possession of an apparent crack cocaine pipe, while Doak, in addition to charges of possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia, was also charged with domestic violence.

Even though Doak was ordered by a court to stay away from Shannon in the aftermath of the arrest, she filed a motion asking for the protective order to be lifted, saying that he helps her deal with her partial blindness and that despite the incident, he is "very loving toward her kids."


What's more is that the attorney representing Shannon and Doak, George B. Bull II, was granted a request to be taken off their case after he claimed they would not get in contact with him. Bulls claimed that since their arrest, he had reached out to them multiple times in vain, which he claimed was them failing to comply with the attorney/client agreement.

Shannon and Doak have been spotted out together amid the arrest aftermath, but accusations surfaced recently that Doak was messaging other women in a suggestive or sexual manner. Shannon hasn't commented on the scandal publicly, but did say on the most recent season of From Not to Hot that she feared he was cheating, citing their lagging sex life.