'Love Island USA': Elly on the Conversation She Had With K-Ci About Relationship Post-Show (Exclusive)

Elly Stefan was one of the latecomers during the latest season of Love Island. Even though she did arrive later in the season, she still formed a connection with K-Ci Maultsby. However, their connection wasn't meant to last in the Villa. Elly expressed that she didn't want to pursue a romantic relationship with him. Shortly after that conversation took place, Elly and K-Ci were dumped from Love Island. Where do the two stand today? During a recent chat with PopCulture.com, Elly shared all of the details about her relationship with K-Ci and more.

While Elly and K-Ci didn't exactly click while they were in the Villa, the two were able to connect on a different later after they were eliminated. She shared, "After we left the Villa, we were in the airport together and he just said he felt like he couldn't talk to me and that he was a little camera shy. So, it's crazy because I feel like we talk to each other more at the airport than we actually did in the Villa." As for whether there's a spark there, Elly added, "I'm not sure if it will lead to anything deep, but we definitely clicked more outside the Villa. I feel like he would probably agree to that, but I don't know if I could see anything happening outside the Villa to be honest."

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When it comes to the entirety of Elly's Love Island experience, she has no regrets. Although, she does wish that fans got to see a little more of her personality shine through. Viewers certainly got the chance to see a different side to her as she came out of her shell later on, but there were still things that they didn't see regarding her journey.

"S,o definitely towards the end, it seems like everybody got to see my personality," she explained. "I sometimes would forget the cameras are there more so than others. And so I was truly myself and it's funny because the people who know me were like, 'Oh my gosh. I'm so glad you are yourself, your weird self, and just being true to who you are.'" Elly's Love Island journey wasn't entirely smooth sailing, as she recounted that she had a "breakdown" at one point.

"But, I remember I came in on a Saturday night [...] I just kind of had a breakdown. I was like, 'I don't think I'm going to find a connection here. All these guys are great, but I'm not feeling a spark,'" Elly continued. "And so probably the second day I was there, I was more reserved. But, as the days went on, I was able to become more myself and the cameras didn't matter to me. So, I wish I could have stayed longer to show everybody more of my personality, but I hope they got a little taste."


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