'Love Island' Host Arielle Vandenberg Talks Wedding Plans With Fiancé Matt Cutshall (Exclusive)

The CBS iteration of the international smash hit, Love Island has officially returned with plenty of steaminess and drama airing nightly on the network with exclusive segments on Paramount+. But as the season kicks off in Hawaii following pandemic restrictions forcing Season 2 to film atop a Las Vegas hotel last summer, Season 3's new, exotic and gorgeous locale has given host Arielle Vandenberg some ideas for her wedding to fiancé and comedian, Matt Cutshall.

In an exclusive interview with PopCulture.com earlier this month, Vandenberg revealed while the pandemic "put a big damper" on plans, the wedding is still very much happening. "Wedding's still on, that's good — that's the good news," she said, adding how the pandemic creating social distancing practices and couples forced into quarantine served as a make or break moment for many. "It definitely put some couples to the test. I feel like we got stronger during our quarantine, which was great. It's so hard to plan when you don't know when something's going to end. So we couldn't really do anything until now."

Vandenberg reveals now that the pair are finally getting into it and thinking of places they want to exchange their vows at, it's all on the horizon. "I honestly got here [to Hawaii], and I was like, should we get married after we wrap? Just pop over to Maui, get married, send a couple of friends out," the actress and comedian posited. "We're definitely going to get into planning more, I think once I wrap here, and have more time to think about that. Oh, I'm so excited. I can't wait!"

Sharing how being in Hawaii for filming Season 3 of Love Island has been a magical experience, Vandenberg admits she wants the essence of her wedding to feel the way she feels on the western U.S. island. "I definitely want [our wedding] to feel the way I feel here, which is so relaxed and so beautiful," she said. "Having the ocean next to you while you're getting married — I feel […] it's calming, it's healing, it's all the things. I feel like it's definitely going to be an ocean location."

Vandenberg and Cutshall first announced their engagement in 2019 after being friends for years and taking their relationship public in 2017. In an interview with PopCulture last year, the former Vine star shared how the two have a "really special" relationship. "We should all not take this time for granted," she said amid the height of the pandemic ahead of the Season 2 premiere of Love Island on CBS. Adding how the two ensure they respect each other's time and space, it's been her key to a solid relationship. "We're with our friends or we're with our person. I feel so bad for people that are just alone. But if you're with somebody, just cherish those moments — you got to find the silver lining."


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