'Love Island USA': Tyler Opens up About Relationship With Sereniti, Shares Convo Fans Didn't Get to See (Exclusive)

The Love Island USA cast had to take matters into their own hands for a recent dumping. After the sibling duo of Chazz and Bria Bryant entered the Villa, they were tasked with choosing an Islander to couple up with. To put a twist on everything, Chazz had to select a man to couple up with Bria while she had to pick a woman for her brother to couple up with. In the end, it put Tyler Radziszewski in jeopardy and, after the Islanders chose to save Zeta Morrison, he was sent home. During a recent chat with PopCulture.com, Tyler opened up about his relationship with Sereniti, whom Bria chose for Chazz, and even shared the conversation that the eye-opening two had prior to his exit. 

Like everyone else, Tyler was shocked by the fact that Love Island USA brought in a pair of siblings and, furthermore, that they had to choose who the other would couple up with. However, he wasn't too surprised that the other Islanders chose to keep Zeta instead of him. Since Tyler was dumped from the Villa, that put a premature end to his relationship with Sereniti. It also prevented him from developing anything further with Mady McLanahan, who he also expressed interest in. What would have happened had Tyler stayed in the Villa? 

"I had conversations with both of them too on my last day before the recoupling. I talked to Sereniti for a while, too. I was, I mean, fully invested into Sereniti," Tyler said. "Both of them are great girls and I appreciated my time with them so much, but if I think I was to stay, I still would've been with Sereniti, still would've been working on that." Tyler did touch upon his burgeoning relationship with Mady, but stressed that he was mainly focused on getting to know Sereniti. In fact, they were able to talk about how he expressed an interest in Mady. Although, viewers didn't get to see that conversation. 

"When I was at the pool with Sereniti and I said like, 'I'll talk to you about it later,' I was just exhausted. And I did talk to her before the recoupling because we didn't know recoupling was going to happen," he explained. As for what they discussed, Tyler said that he gave her the "whole rundown," adding, "'At the end of the day, I'm sharing a bed with you. And just because I'm talking to Mady, getting to know her, doesn't mean I'm stopping with you.' And we talked for a while about that and that's why it was a really sad departure and everything because I was completely honest with her and she knew where I was at and I knew where she was at."

When it comes to any regrets after the experience, he wishes that he was able to give Sereniti a proper goodbye. He explained, "I wish I would've been able to have like a longer conversation and goodbye with Sereniti when I found out I was leaving. But, you're trying to come to grips with what bomb just got dropped on you, that you got to leave and say goodbye to everybody. So, I think that was just one thing I wish I would've been able to do."