'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta' Star Tommie Lee Arrested After Hitting Valet

Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta star Tommie Lee is in trouble with the law again, following an alleged assault on a valet.

Lee, whose real name is Atasha Jefferson, was detained by police Monday, reports the Washington Post, when Atlanta police found her obstructing traffic at 1:16 a.m. After being asked to leave the roadway a number of times, police said Lee began to act disorderly towards officers and hit a valet on the head, at which point officers took her into custody.

Although the valet declined to press charges, police booked the VH1 star under a charge of "disorderly under the influence" into the Atlanta City Detention Center.

This is far from the first time Lee's alleged alcohol use has gotten her in trouble with the law. According to TMZ, Lee allegedly attacked a mall employee in February and was arrested for DUI in 2016. As a condition for her May bail, she was required to wear an alcohol monitoring device around her ankle.

Fans of Love and Hip Hop will recall that Lee was suspended from filming last season after what producers determined was alcohol-related violent behavior towards her co-stars. On the show, Lee did cop to her actions, but said they weren't due to any kind of issue with alcohol.

"I'm shy so sometimes I drink to be a little more social," she said on the show. "I don't know, it helped me cope with a lot of things going on in my life. I mean, it's so many things. Even though I have a big family, I don't really have support. To deal with the thoughts of my mom, not liking me, hating me and the stress that I'm going through with my brothers and sisters like how big my heart is and open to everybody – they don't feel the same way about me so that kinda like, that kinda like hurts. Every time I go through this stuff, it hurts me. I'm not proud of it."

Jefferson was released on bond Monday, the Washington Post reported, and it was unclear if she had obtained an attorney.


Photo credit: Instagram/Tommie Lee