'Little Women: LA': Terra Jolé Confronts 'Evil Devil' Lila Call at Sobriety Party

It was both a sober and sobering party on Little Women: LA Wednesday, as Christy Gibel's [...]

It was both a sober and sobering party on Little Women: LA Wednesday, as Christy Gibel's celebration for eight years without alcohol quickly descended into drama.

It's a turbulent time for most of the friendships within the cast, but the pair causing trouble during this week's episode was Terra Jolé and Little Women: New York personality Lila Call, who in the past has gotten into physical fights with Tonya Banks.

Regardless of her history with the women, Gibel decided to invite Call, who also is sober, to her party.

"In the name of recovery and forgiveness, I'm not leaving anyone off the guest list," she said.

Banks promises to try and behave when she runs into her former enemy, but advises Gibel not to tell Jolé about their special guest.

"I've known Lila for years, and fortunately she lives in New York," Banks told the cameras. "I try to give her the benefit of the doubt, but this heifer is crazy with a capital 'C.'"

Call felt the same way about Banks, calling her "violent" and "nasty."

"Just full disclosure, 911 will be on my phone," she told Gibel. "She's going to the holding cell if she touches me."

But the sober part of the celebration went out the window almost as soon as Banks arrived at the bohemian bash, pulling out a flask of moscato to share with her non-sober friends.

Then when Call arrived, things got downright chilly.

"The last thing I knew about Lila is she was talking mad smack about Tonya [Banks], she was talking mad smack about Christy, and so to see her at this party is kind of boggling," she says in a confessional. "I mean, more props to you if you can forgive somebody just like that."

But she made it clear that she certainly doesn't feel the same way Gibel does about Call showing up: "Girl, there's not enough medication in the world to make me forgive somebody just like that."

Banks decided to make peace with Call at the party, citing the influence of the moscato on her sudden friendly demeanor.

"I'm sorry for what I brought," Call said in return, blaming the incident on her struggle with alcoholism. The bad energy at the time, it was a hard hard time for me."

It was during this sweet moment that Jolé approached, asking if Banks needed "rescuing," and immediately prompting Call to leave the area.

"Do I know how to clear a room or what?" Jolé said, adding that she approached because, "when you see your bestie talking to this evil devil, you see if she needs help."

Call may have walked away for now, but it's unlikely these two will be able to stay civil for long.

Little Women: LA airs Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

Photo credit: Lifetime