'Little Women: LA' Star Christy Gibel Gets Into Cake-Smashing Fight With Mika Winkler

Little Women: LA star Mike Winkler has officially worn out her welcome.

After pissing off Tonya Banks during last week's episode of the Lifetime reality show by pretending she had peed in her margarita, tensions in the group were high as they tried to finish out their girls' weekend in Solvang, California.

But Winkler was clearly persona non grata in her group of friends, especially for Christy Gibel, who was sick of Winkler's comments about her weight.

"Tonya's not the only one that's having problems with Mika," she told the cameras. "Lately, Mika has been making nasty comments about me. I'm having gastric sleeve surgery next week, and Mika has been giving me a hard time about it. She's a real b—."

Her co-stars felt similarly, all denouncing the "prank" amongst themselves.

"I was starting to like Mika, but now she's annoying me again," Jasmine Sorge told the cameras.

"Mika's always doing me wrong, then trying to apologize," Banks added in her confessional. "But it's gonna take time for me to forgive her for this one, because I'm still pissed she made me the butt of her joke."

Winkler, meanwhile, was unrepentant, telling the group to collectively "un-bunch [their] panties."

So when Gibel discovered that Winkler had be talking smack about her weight behind her back, there was no one in the group not willing to throw her under the bus and tell Gibel what she'd been saying. And Gibel wasn't one to take the insults lying down, especially when Winkler came at her for having a "cheat day" on vacation alongside the other girls at a local bakery.

"Here's the thing Christy, if you're trying to lose weight ... why are you eating that?" Winkler said.

"I'm about to get surgery, and I'm not going to be able to eat anything for like two months," Gibel said, defending herself. "And who are you to say anything, it's none of your business!"

But Winkler wasn't getting the hint, doubling down and saying, "If you want to lose weight, you shouldn't be eating stuff like that.."

When Gibel reiterated that it wasn't any of Winkler's business what she ate, the new addition to the group wouldn't back down, and was even backed up by Terra Jole when it comes to minding one's business.

"She's in everyone's business but her own, so why can't Mika be in her business," Jole told the cameras.

The conversation kept escalating, with Winkler basically saying she didn't think Gibel was committed to losing the weight even post-surgery. Gibel had had it.

"You come into our group, treat me like s—, you're talking to me like I'm a piece of s— ... it's rude!" Gibel said, relatively calmly for what Winkler did next — smash a cream puff in her face.

And the cake fight was on, ending with Gibel storming off, covered in cream puff, and calling Winkler a "b—."

"Shoving food in Christy's face is a all new low, even for you Mika," Sorge said.

After the fight, Winkler admitted she went "overboard," but still didn't back down from what she did. "This was her cream puff wake-up call."

A pep talk from Jole convinced her that she needed to apologize for her bad baked good behavior, admitting she was "rude" and offering "motivation" in her weight loss journey moving forward. Gibel, for her part, accepted the apology.

"I wanted to rip Mika apart, but her apology seemed very sincere," she said, saying the future was unclear, however if Winkler messed up again. Even Banks accepted a bottle of wine and an apology.

But can Winkler keep her cool moving forward? As Sorge said, "Mike is running out of second chances."


Little Women: LA airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

Photo credit: Lifetime