'Black Girl Moscato' Divides 'Little Women: LA' Group

Tonya Banks is not feeling Terra Jolé's controversially-named line of wine — Black Girl Moscato.

Jolé, who is white, announced to the Little Women: LA cast in last week's episode of the Lifetime reality show that she had signed on to be a silent business partner for Black Girl Moscato. Banks, a black woman, did not take too kindly to Jolé's involvement with the brand she found "offensive" and "degrading."

Tuesday, the feud continued, with Banks maintaining a stony silence toward her friend and Jolé aggressively trying to make things better, including pulling a Say Anything with a boom box outside of her window.

"I seriously don't know what's up with Terra. I was pissed when she said she was naming the wine Black Girl Moscato," Banks told the camera. "You better believe Terra's head would have exploded if somebody had come out with Dwarf White Wine. She would be the first person to call them out, but that's only because it affects her."

Banks revealed last week that she too is working on a wine line, and when Jolé suggested they combine forces, the fitness vlogger was convinced her friend had lost it.

"When I first told Terra about my activewear line, she wasn't all that supportive of it. That's why I didn't want to tell her about my wine until it was totally completed," Banks said. "And I can't believe Terra is asking me to walk away from it to partner up with her. I mean she's so wrong on so many levels."

Friend Jasmine Sorge sided with Banks, saying she didn't understand how the brand name was offensive at first, but was open to her castmate's experience as a black woman.

"I've only had to witness things being made fun of for being a little person, but you've had to witness both and that's not a good feeling," Sorge told her friend.

Jolé, meanwhile, defended her involvement with the brand, maintaining that she is only an investor in the company.

"I know Tonya is planning to release her own wine, but she's misunderstanding what my direction is," she said. "I'm a silent partner. This brand is not me, this brand is sponsored by me, I am investing in this brand."

Jolé also took issue with her friend going silent to avoid open conflict regarding the matter.

"Don't leave us guessing how you're feeling," she said. "That only leads to you being more upset, me being frantic, and it's just not healthy for anyone."

Little Women: LA airs Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET on Lifetime.


Photo credit: Lifetime