'Little Women: Dallas' Dancer Bri Barlup Reportedly Pregnant With Second Baby

Little Women: Dallas' Bri Barlup is reportedly pregnant again, but the father remains a mystery to fans and possibly Barlup herself.

TMZ reported the alleged pregnancy Thursday morning, saying that the Lifetime cast member is about five months along with her second child, and that she has narrowed down the paternal possibilities to two men.

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Barlup herself has yet to confirm the news, but has historically been relatively private on social media.

Barlup, who also goes by Left Cheek, is a model and dancer who has appeared in a few music videos. She moved to Dallas from Atlanta to be with her best friend Emily Fernandez, who is also on the Lifetime show.


She is already mother to 3-year-old Malik, whose father is local rapper Wooda Bowen. Bowen and Barlup never were together officially, and dabbled in a friends with benefits situation before Barlup decided she wanted to end their arrangement and work on herself.

Malik does carry the gene for achondroplasia, which is the kind of dwarfism his mom has. Time will tell to see if the alleged new baby will be a little person as well.