'Little Women: Atlanta': Andrea Salinas Questions If Tiny Twinz Music Is 'Worth It,' Considers Going Home

Is Andrea Salinas leaving the Tiny Twinz behind for good? The Little Women: Atlanta star is fed up [...]

Is Andrea Salinas leaving the Tiny Twinz behind for good? The Little Women: Atlanta star is fed up with trying to make her musical dreams come true and considering heading home to her family in an exclusive clip of Thursday's all-new episode of the Lifetime show (produced by Kinetic Content). But will she make good on her homesickness?

In the clip, a dejected looking Andrea sits down with twin sister and musical partner Amanda Salinas as they meet with manager Ashley "Minnie" Ross to discuss their vision for the upcoming music video.

"So are you excited, the director is coming, and get to show you ideas about the music video? Y'all ready?" Minnie asks the twins, who have opposite reactions to the news.

"Yes! I'm excited!" Amanda responds, as Andrea adds, "Gosh, I just don't know."

When pressed, she admits she's feeling depressed about spending so much time away from her husband and kids.

"I'm just feeling depressed guys. I'm just feeling sad," she explains. "So, you know, I've just been very, like, emotional."

"I'm so focused on my music, that I'm starting to wonder, 'Is it even worth it?'" she continues in a confessional. "I want to spend time with Chris and my kids, but my career is making it really hard. I'm really starting to miss the kids now. Thinking about a lot of things."

While Minnie encourages her to think of this time away as "an opportunity to work on you," Andrea isn't sure, earning an official pep talk from the manager.

"You sacrificed, came here to Atlanta to get money to support your kids," she tells her. "You put your life on hold to do what's best for your kids."

"I get it, Andrea's missing her family, but I can't let her throw her career away," Minnie adds to the camera. "We've gone to far and done too much to take our feet off the gas now."

Telling Andrea to pep up, at least while meeting with the director, Minnie is nervous her client could be leaving her career in music behind for good.

"I'm just scared. I don't want my relationship to fall apart again," Andrea tells the shocked group. "I think I going home guys."

"You serious?" Minnie asks, earning an "Mm-hmm" from one half of the Tiny Twinz. But will Andrea really give up her career to head home?

Little Women: Atlanta (produced by Kinetic Content) airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

Photo credit: Lifetime