'Little People, Big World' Star Tori Roloff Rushes Son Jackson to Urgent Care

Tori Roloff and her husband Zach were given quite the scare this weekend when their 1-year-old son Jackson took a tiny spill while learning to walk and had to be rushed to an urgent care facility.

The Little People, Big World couple shared an update with fans on Roloff's Instagram over the weekend, as first reported by InTouch, during which she gave fans a look into the tough night prior, revealing that the soon-to-walk baby gave them "quite the scare."

tori roloff urgernt care
(Photo: Instagram/Tori Roloff)

Holding a giggling baby Jackson, Roloff says in one video, "Our arm's a little hurt, but we're all good. We're back to our Jackson self."

In a subsequent video, she wrote, "We think he might have dislocated his arm. But we're all good now, just sore."

"Learning to walk is hard business for a 1-year-old," she wrote in the next slide of the Story.

tori roloff urgernt care 2
(Photo: Instagram/Tori Roloff)

Jackson may have been back to his bubbly self, but the trip to the urgent care apparently proved to be quite tiring for the little one.

Under a photo of herself cuddling up to her little man, Roloff wrote "So wiped."

tori roloff urgernt care 3
(Photo: Instagram/Tori Roloff)

The TLC couple celebrated Jackson's first birthday just last month, sharing photos of the adorable s'mores-themed party on social media for fans to "ooh" and "aww" over.

"It was exactly one year ago today at 8:00am that this perfect 9 lb 1 oz 20.5 inch long baby entered our lives and changed it for the better," Roloff captioned an Instagram photo of her son lying on a blanket numbered for the first 12 months of his life at the time.

"This year has brought nothing but joy to our family and it's all because of this guy right here," she continued. "Taking this photo made me so emotional because it's the last time I'll set him down on this blanket to take his photo. The first of many things I have to let go of. My baby some how has turned into a little boy before our eyes and I have loved watching him grow."

She then shared her final monthly update.

"Jackson's personality has really taken shape this month. And by golly he is hilarious," she wrote. "He is pulling himself up on anything he can reach and is so close to taking his first steps."

And with those first steps can bring a sore arm, apparently!

Little People, Big World airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

Photo credit: Instagram/Tori Roloff