'Little People, Big World' Star Tori Roloff Concerns Fans After She Shows off Son's Bruises

Little People, Big World star Tori Roloff has fans concerned after she showed off some bruises on her son Jackson.

According to In Touch, Roloff recently posted a photo of the toddler on her Instagram Stories and commented that "he's still cute as can be" even with "so many bruises." This alarmed many fans who have since taken to commenting on other photos of Jackson and parent-shaming Roloff and her husband Zach for various situations they feel are unsafe for the child.

“Kind of too close to the water for that baby by himself,” someone commented on an August photo of Zach holding Jackson near a lake edge, with another person adding, “I hope someone was closer by.”

(Photo: Tori Roloff / Instagram)

The bruising issue has come up in the past as well, with Jackson's grandpa Matt Roloff posting a video of the child wherein fans noticed bruises on his head.

"Got to hang out (babysit) my best buddy this evening while Zach and Tori did some filming duties," Roloff wrote in post's caption, with fans taking to the comments to express their concerns.

"Oh oh someone’s got a boo boo on his little forehead," one follower stated, while someone else asked, "What happen to your forehead buddy?"

"He has a bruise on his forehead, hopefully not on your watch," another person commented, with a fourth user stating, "Somebody done and bumped his head bless it if you use Vick’s vapor rub on his little brush it will go away faster."

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Got to hang out (babysit) my best buddy this evening while Zach and Tori did some filming duties.. #blessedgrandpa

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Even though there were a lot of fans and followers who expressed concern for Jackson, many others simply showered praise on the family.

"Your grandchildren are so cute and you're the grandpa I thought you'd be. I want to tell you how much I enjoy your posts. They are always positive and happy," one Little People, Big World fan stated. "Thank you for that."

"He’s literally the cutest thing!! Seems to have a great personality! You 2 are doing great with him," another said.


Being that Jackson is a toddler, it's likely that all his bruises are from bumping into things as he learns to navigate this new world of walking that he's entered.

Little People, Big World will reportedly return for a new season in 2019.