'Little People, Big World' Mom Tori Roloff Reveals Close Call With Mastitis

Tori Roloff narrowly avoided one of the more painful parts of early motherhood after catching a clogged breast duct before it turned into mastitis, the Little People, Big World star revealed two days after ringing in the new year.

"Caught the clogged duct before it turned into mastitis, thank God," Roloff captioned a photo on her Instagram Story with 1-month-old daughter Lilah, as per InTouch Weekly. "Thanks for the advice. We'll be here today."

Mastitis can be very painful, as Roloff would well know, having watched sister-in-law Audrey Roloff suffer from the condition over and over again after welcoming her daughter, Ember, in September 2017.

The TLC personality has been settling in as a mother of two since welcoming Lilah to her and husband Zach Roloff's family, which also includes 2-year-old son Jackson.

"2019 changed our family forever for the better," Roloff wrote on Instagram earlier this month. "Our sweet Lilah girl joined the family and we couldn't be more in love. I am so thankful for the growth and changes that happened in 2019. I am grateful for my little family. Especially my husband who is leading us into 2020 to make it our best year yet! I am excited to watch Jackson grow and develop into a BOY (he's like no longer a toddler. He's a full-on boy and I love every ounce of him)!"

It's been a little more difficult for her to feel back to her old self, Roloff confessed the month prior, after this pregnancy.

"I'm trying really hard to love my postpartum body," she wrote on Dec. 10. "It's only been 3 weeks since growing and then birthing a human being, but it's hard. Having major abdominal surgery is difficult for me because I hate being restricted. I hate asking for help. I hate not being able to physically keep up with where my mental state is. Plus there are jiggles in places that are honestly just hard to come to terms with."


"For all those PP mamas out there. Love yourself hard. We all have our days and that's okay. Our bodies are so insane and I've said it before — women are bad ass," she continued. "I thank God everyday for the family he's given me. I'll be here continuing to try and practice what I preach and love myself through this phase."

Photo credit: TLC