'Little People, Big World': Matt Roloff Reflects on Relationship With Caryn After Talking to His Mother in Exclusive Sneak Peek

Matt Roloff is taking a look at his relationship with girlfriend Caryn Chandler from a new perspective. After admitting in a recent episode that Chandler had "taken a little half a step back" amid his difficulties with the rest of the Roloff family, the Little People Big World star has his feelings for his longtime love reinforced during a dinner with his mother, Peggy Roloff. 

"Tonight I'm gonna take my mother to dinner," Matt explains in a PopCulture.com exclusive sneak peek of Tuesday's new episode of the TLC show. "I'm pretty encouraged my mother is really stepping up to be as independent as possible. I have my own physical limitation. Caryn helps me with stuff. So it's a little bit of a double challenge helping my mom out where I can."

Helping his mother get her walker into the car, Matt notes that the adjustable suspension on his van makes having her as a passenger pretty easy. "Now we jinxed it and you're gonna splat on the ground," he jokes to his mom, who responds dryly, "Thanks. I hope not." 

It's important for Matt to make these trips to visit his mother as much as he can. "She likes to have a reason to kind of get herself dressed up a little bit. So even though it's a little bit more work, it's really nice to go eat something different than the same thing every single day," he tells the camera. "And I don't really see that changing. I see more trips down there, definitely not less."

Once they place their order, Peggy reflects on her many nights out with Matt's father, Ron Roloff, before he passed away in August 2022. "Dad would've loved to come to a place like this. He loved Vietnamese food," Peggy tells her son. "Dad and I loved to go out once in a while, you know, just was nice. ...And he loved to meet people, so I kind of got used to the idea of him going out. Otherwise, we were with each other 24/7, which was wonderful."

Looking back at their life together, she continues, "In fact, the reason he had our chairs close together there in front of the TV was he wanted to hold hands. He loved me dearly. Everybody has told me that. That's just really, it's very humbling." Looking at his mother and father's "long and very loving relationship," Matt thinks of his own relationship with Chandler. "Having dinner with my mom sort of reinforces how important that Caryn is in my life," he muses. Little People, Big World airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.