'Little People, Big World': Matt Roloff's Farm Sale Ends as a Bust

Matt Roloff's decision to put a slice of Roloff Farms up for sale months ago certainly backfired, with some fingers pointed at the drama with his sons, Zach and Jeremy. The family spat has slowly leaked to fans of the TLC reality series, seeming to hamper Roloff's chances given the recent switch to renting the farm out as an AirBNB.

According to The Sun, the property was still on the market as of June 23, a little over a month since Roloff placed the property on the market. As of July 7, the property still appears on the realtor website with its $4 million price tag. The acreage for sale includes the main house, with five bedrooms and six bathrooms that had been newly renovated since the Roloffs first moved in. The outlet notes that Roloff and his family have spent over $2 million on renovations over two years.

The decision to sell ruffled plenty of feathers with his sons, especially with Zach Roloff. Some of the details have played out on the show, but Matt Roloff's initial reveal on social media sparked a response from his son, hinting at the drama.

My dad was definitely encouraging the conversation, and [wife] Tori and [Matt's girlfriend] Caryn [Chandler] came too. The north side is the 30 acres my mom and dad shared, and the whole thing was weird, he starts making excuses... suddenly me and my wife are not good enough to run the farm," Zach Roloff talks about on the TLC show. "Whether we don't have the money, don't have the skillset... Tori said, 'It wasn't cool, I never wanna see someone talk to my husband like that ever.'"

In the wake of that argument, Zach and Tori Roloff have moved away to Battle Ground, Washington, and a new $1 million home. Brother Jeremy Roloff allegedly had his own intentions with the family farm and even put in an offer that his father didn't accept. After Jeremy Roloff and his wife Audrey called the denial the "death of a dream," the couple purchased their own farm near their home.

Matt Roloff also has his son Jacob in the mix as a possible heir to the family farm, but no details have been shared on that topic. With the farm still listed for sale, you'd have to assume none of Roloff's sons are in line for the property.