'Little People, Big World' Labeled 'Desperate' Over 'Blatant' Moment in Latest Episode

In the world of television, especially reality TV, there is a sacred trust between viewers and creators when it comes to advertising. Little People, Big World may have recently crossed the line when it comes to this unbreakable bond, ruffling fan feathers in the process.

According to The Sun, A scene from the latest episode of the TLC reality staple features some product placement that felt "blatant" to some fans of the show. While Zach Roloff was looking after his oldest kids at the parks before deciding to visit his mother, Amy Roloff, at her home.

This leads to an offer of food picked up along the way, a visit to a Sonic Drive-Thru and a ton of fans feeling like the show was "desperate." Zach Roloff and the kids didn't need to stop by, order the food and have it delivered for the storyline in the episode, especially since they are all eating the food later with his mother.

Fans quickly pounced, with some calling out the clear product placement. "The blatant sponsorship for Sonic when Zack was on the phone with Amy in the latest episode was so hilarious. They really take what they can get!," one fan wrote in an online thread, according to The Sun. "Shameless, gross, and desperate! Amy and Matt must be so proud!" another added. "They can take all the sponsorships in the world. It's the bad acting and making it seem like it was an authentic interaction that was cringe for me."

How could they do such a thing! Well, likely due to the bills that need to be paid to keep the show on the air for 23 seasons. It's just fun to act like product placement is still the worst thing about a reality series that ran alongside Honey Boo Boo and others over the years. 16 years on TV to be exact.


Fans have been curious if the show is preparing to wrap up or at least drastically change direction given the storylines and some of the real-life drama when the cameras are off. "This season has been so different and not in a good way. As soon as Zach and Tori are back to being bff's with Matt and Caryn, we'll see them snub Amy and Chris just like old times," one fan wrote about the TLC staple. "The drama between Amy and Matt is a thing of the past, and they have them playing happy exes for a storyline, and it's annoying to watch. We know they would never be doing this if money weren't involved," another added. A third also called the show redundant, which all seem to indicate the show could be on the edge to fans.

Still, with the farm up for sale, the original family splitting and finding new loves, with Amy Roloff recently marrying Chris Marek. TLC likely is waiting for Matt Roloff to marry his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler before any conclusion is cemented. So fans at least have to wait for that before writing the show's obituary.