'Little People, Big World's Jeremy Roloff Reveals Photos From Grandmother's Funeral

Jeremy Roloff is honoring his late grandmother. On Sunday, the Little People, Big World star took to Instagram as he and his family gathered in Michigan to say their final goodbyes to Patricia Knight, Amy Roloff's late mother. Knight passed away last month at the age of 86 following a series of health issues.

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"Spent the last three days in Michigan for my grandma's funeral," Jeremy captioned a series of photos from his grandmother's funeral. "She was an amazing women [sic], a pioneer for her time and I'm thankful, honored even, to have Knight blood in me. Although heartbreaking, it was a celebration indeed."

"She was a friend of Christ which turns the tables on the nature of a funeral. Death does not have the last word for it was defeated long ago through Christ literally raising from the dead," he continued. "I'm so thankful for that act of love. An act that ushered in a new reality where I can say, 'see you again grandma.' And know it to be true."

In one photo that the message was sahred alongside of, Roloff could be seen posing with his siblings Jacob Roloff, Molly Roloff and Zach Roloff amid a fall-colored backdrop. The accompanying four images showed other members of the family as well as other scenic views.

The gathering came just a month after news broke that Amy's mother had passed away following a months-long health struggle. According to reports, Knight passed away with her husband of 67 years, Gordon C. Knight, by her side.

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Just months before her passing, many of the Little People, Big World family members had traveled back to Michigan to visit Knight. After her family laid her to rest on Sunday, Roloff reflected on the special visit, the last time he saw his grandmother alive.

"Last summer my mom had a feeling that it was time we all made a trip out to Michigan. She followed that gut feeling by continually nudging and encouraging us to go," he wrote wrote alongside a gallery of images showing Knight holding his daughter Ember as well as himself and his wife Audrey smiling for a photo with Knight. "Thankfully we were all able to and it was one of the best trips we've taken to date."


"This is my grandma, Patricia Knight, holding Ember. So glad she was able to meet her. Jackson and Ember were her first great grandkids," he continued, referring to his nephew, the son of Zach and Tori Roloff. "This photo is very special now."

In the wake of her mother's death, Amy traveled back to Michigan to be at her father's side, missing the final two weekends of pumpkin season at Roloff Farms.