'Little People, Big World' Star Jacob Roloff Reveals He's No Longer on Show

Jacob Roloff is finally answering fans who have been wondering why he hasn't been seen on Little People, Big World as of late. He revealed in his new book, Out to See, that he struggled with the limelight on "ridiculous reality TV."

"Among so many things, I simply did not want this ridiculous reality TV to use up so much of my time, lest it leave too deep an imprint on my ability to influence the world otherwise," he wrote, as per InTouch Weekly. "I did not want this imposition to become my identity, and so I rebelled in the manner that I did, and eventually exited the show."

Roloff, 21, added that he didn't like seeing his family being turned into "characters" on the TLC show.

"The entire concept of reality TV is strange because, as a viewer, you are subscribing to a particular illusion — that you are witnessing and being let in on the secrets of the subjects' lives. In reality you are being shown a shallow character and only what someone else approves of, in relation to narrative and talking points," he said.

"This was my meaning in saying the 'Roloff Characters' in the past; not that the real people are characters or deliberately acting; but whichever Roloff you think you know is in a fact shown character — sculpted specifically to entice and convince you to keep this channel on," he added.

Roloff chose not to renew his contract with the show when he turned 18 and has been living his own life separate from the reality show ever since. He recently launched a YouTube channel with his fiancée, Isabel Rock, with the young couple documenting their three-week road trip to the Pacific North West last year.

Roloff and Rock became engaged on Christmas Day in Iceland and announced their engagement a month later. In late April, Rock posted photos from her and Roloff's engagement bash thrown by Roloff's mom Amy Roloff. The celebration seemed to be missing Jacob's dad and Amy's ex-husband, Matt Roloff. Both Matt and Amy have moved on with their own significant others, but things can still be tense between the former couple, fans will know.


Rock posted a picture on Instagram of herself, her own father, Jacob and Amy with the caption, "One of my favorite parts about the day was how much these two, my dad and Jacob's mom got along. Even though Jacob and I have been together for three years, they met for the first time this year…it was such a beautiful day."