'Little People, Big World': Isabel Roloff Rushed to ER for 'Severe Abdominal Pain'

Isabel Roloff, wife of former Little People, Big World star Jacob Roloff, was rushed to an emergency room for "severe abdominal pain" Thursday night. The hospital visit was short, as she was released early Friday morning, according to a post Roloff shared in her Instagram Story. Roloff used her story as an opportunity to remind her fans to take care of themselves and not ignore their health.

The 22-year-old Roloff revealed she was "ignoring some physical symptoms" while she was preoccupied with other things in her life. "That was a mistake, as it sent me to the ER last night with severe abdominal pain," she wrote. The doctors "figured out" what the issue was and sent her home at 2 a.m. While she feels much better, there was a casualty. She broke a guitar her mother gave her when she was 15. She left it outside when she was rushed to the hospital.

"Needless to say I am feeling exhausted, sad and while I know it's all part of a greater pain, I could use some words of encouragement right now to get me through," Roloff wrote. She reminded fans to "seriously" take care of themselves and "listen to your body." In order to "continue fighting we must rest as well," Roloff wrote.

In the days leading up to her hospitalization, Roloff has spent her time on social media showing support for the Black Lives Matter movement. On June 7, she shared the phrase on Instagram, alongside a reminder that the fight for racial inequality is not over. She asked her fans to share links to Black artists, bloggers and activists in the comments section but was instead inundated with people writing "All lives matter" repeatedly. "Yes that's true, but we're talking about Black lives right now," Roloff told one troll.

One of her supporters praised Roloff for her handling of the comments. "It's ridiculous," Roloff agreed. "But it is important to remember that they have likely been misinformed their entire lives. And hopefully they will change their minds."


Jacob has also used his Instagram page to raise awareness of racism and Black Lives Matter. He shared a series of suggestions for ways people could help, either through donations or educating themselves. "Even at the defeat of [President Donald Trump] we will have the structural work to do, for Trump is a mere symptom, however terrible, that the system did carry on feathers and silver platter to where he is and remains," Jacob wrote.

Jacob left Little People, Big World behind in 2016, although he is still close with his family. Roloff and Jacob married in September 2019. Like other members of the Roloff family, they face trolls on social media non-stop. At one point in November, Roloff asked people just to stop following her if they would only complain about what she posts.